Sunday, April 16, 2006

April 14, 2006 WHAT IS ART??!!??!!??

Friday, April 14, 2006
WHAT IS ART???!!!???!!! Current mood: confused
So that is the question that lies herein. After seven rather lengthy but enlightening years of getting my college eduation I am ultimately stuck with this question. I am taking Art Theory I and Western Art History 1400-Present this semester and these two classes have my head spinning!! All the questions and so many answers!! I mean with Construction Management- it is cut and dry- the nubmers make the rules- not people!!!
I have loved most of the classes but this semester, with the completion of my Senior Capstone Project, I find myself searching ever more critically for the answer to the question of what makes ART art???
I respect and enjoy reading the arguments and theories of Various 20th century Artists such as Henri Matisse who said in 1931 , "What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity and serenity", I also admire the works of Claes Oldenburg who in 1961 said, "I am for art that embroils itself with the everyday crap & still comes out on top", Most recently I fell in love with sayings of Jasper John in his interview with David Sylvester in 1965, he said, "I think that one wants from painting a sense of life. The final suggestion, the final statement, has to be not a deliberate statement but a helpless statement". Then there is the deep thinking artist Wassily Kandinsky who said, ""When religion, science, and morality are shaken [...], when the external supports threaten to collapse, then man's gaze turns away from the external toward himself." Kandinsky focuses his theory on the link between art and man's soul. He also created his own Color Theory that suggests that each separate color has a significant and profound impact on man and man's emotions.
The entire modern art era suggests that the meaning of art lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is not the painter but the viewer who interprets what an artwork really means.
With that I am at a loss. I have always been a huge fan of Renaissance Painters and of course, the works of Michelangelo, specifically The Sistine Chapel. WIth the new Modern Art movement and the arguments I mentioned above, I find myself moving away from the Renaissance way of thinking and embracing the new Modern way of thinking and perceiving art and the artists that define this era.
I will go as far to suggest that trash can be art- because in a way trash can impact one's emotion- usually in a vulger way- but it is still thought and emotion provoking- am I right to feel this way or am I just caught up in the ways of the Pop and Modern Art movement......that is the question of the day????