Monday, December 17, 2012

Chasing our Dreams

ONCE AGAIN! We have another shot at winning a Free IVF Cycle from the most awesome fertility planet on earth- SHER Institute! This time was a bit different, and for that, I am thankful! Not only did they create a category for folks like ourselves, who are struggling w/ secondary infertility- meaning one of us has already had children, but they left it open to popular vote to determine the finalists that choose the Top 10 in each category. Our loyal group of family and friends rallied behind us, mostly thanks to social media, and voted us to the Top 10! Words cannot express how thankful I am to our awesome support group and as my hubby puts it- my "fan club"! You all ROCK! I love each and everyone of you! I was actually at my daughter's tumbling practice tonight when SHER announced the top 10 and I started crying tears of joy! Even if we don't win just knowing we had another shot and that we have so much support- means SO MUCH and makes me SO THANKFUL!

We are so ready for this next chapter in our lives! We have the house, the jobs, the pre-teens, and now we want THE BABY- our make our lives complete. We know it's all in God's timing and we are hoping this IS our time! I cannot imagine loving the hubs anymore than I do now, but giving him a child of his own and sharing that experience with the man I love (I have never ever had that) I tear up each time I think about how awesome that would be! Every woman deserves to have that experience with the man she loves and every man deserves to have a child to carry on his legacy- especially a man as awesome as my hubby! He is GOLDEN! Truly the most awesome, honest, loving, caring, hard working man I have ever glad he's mine and I am his. We are blessed- no matter what! God speed to those who will be picking the winners out of the top 10! I cannot imagine having that task at hand but it's nice knowing someone who has been there is now choosing the next couple to have they chance they had!