Tuesday, November 20, 2012

33rd Bday & 5 Year Anni

Another year older and another year married...it seems that the happiness of celebrating our Anniversary every year, helps with the sting of getting older.

Let's talk AGE- 33- really? I don't feel grown up enough to be 33! I mean really? Maybe it's because I was always the baby of the family? Not sure! But I can't fathom this new mid-thirties status. I can attest to the fact that the 30s HAVE ROCKED! They have been the best years so far- in.my.life. I have accomplished more, had more fun, traveled to more places and laughed more than anytime in my entire life! I am enjoy the 30s- people finally take me seriously  and besides fighting the battle of the bulge, chin hairs (yes I said chin hairs) and an overwhelming amount of gray hairs-the 30s have been good to me.

5 years married! WOW! I always joke and tell my husband- "you should be proud this is the longest I've ever been with someone- no breaks ups, no back and forth- just TOGETHER". I am certainly proud of me! Coming from a "broken home" if you will, can be a hindrance when it comes to being loyal and sticking it out in a marriage. Children mimic what they see and what I saw from age 0-10 was fighting, leaving, fighting, leaving and finally the Big D. I am finally getting this marriage thing down- you stay, you stick it out, even when it hurts, especially when it hurts and you figure things out TOGETHER- no matter what it is- just put it on the table and work through it. Don't think I am trying to be an expert on marriage- I think that is a joke! We are all learning as we go- life is so unpredictable and we never know what's around the corner. We just do the best we can and if at the end of the day when we lay our hands we can do it knowing we are laying next to the one we love- well then we are accomplishing something everyday.

US on our Anniversary enjoying a night w/ fam & friends!
In the short but long 5 years we've been married- we survived- living in and flipping two houses, which means non stop work! Battling out in court over custody of the kiddos- nearly making us go completely broke- financial devastation was just around the corner for us. And who can forget the failed IVF that brought us both to our knees emotionally, physically and it also posed a huge financial burden. We spent nearly a year building our new house- ourselves- which was trying beyond any words I can put here. We are in the midst of raising TWO pre-teens and that has presented new challenges which I think we are dealing with very well! Amongst all these trials and tribulations of LIFE we never lost touch of who we were TOGETHER, we had some rocky times, times I know I thought I just couldn't stick it out any longer because it hurt too much, but I am so glad I did! I am so glad that the hubby came from a parents and grandparents that have been together FOREVER so he could teach me and show me what unconditional love is all about. "I am in this for the long haul" he always tells me. And for this first time ever in my life- I believe a man who promises he will never leave me. He's my best friend, my #1 fan, my partner in crime, my project manager of all things house related, my comic relief when I need, the center of my passion and everything I have ever wanted or needed in a man. I am so glad HE IS MINE! Love him! I can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays and anniversaries together! PS- he's finally getting the hang of this romance thing- he bought FLOWERS AND CARDS this year...a first! Kuddos Hubs!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


After a friendly text from my fellow friend & colleague reminding me I should write more...I got the nudge I needed to put something, anything out in the blogosphere! 


WE ARE IN! We moved in mid- August! We got our kitchen "officially" finished mid October and now we just have little things to finish- like trim in the rooms, a few fixtures, etc. And then the outside finishing touches will begin- like porches being poured, driveway, garage, outdoor living space, the FUN STUFF! The kids are so happy- they are constantly proclaiming- our house is "awesome"! The hubs and I feel extremely blessed to OWN our home WITHOUT a mortgage! We have grown closer as a couple and partners in building through this experience! We are such a good team- be it- IVF, building a house, parenting two pre-teens- we just click and make things happen. I love being his wife...

I have to say I feel like that entire process of paying cash to build a house feels like more of an uphill climb up Mount Everest. Carrying a 50 pound bag of dead weight! I feel like some of that weight has been lifted but I still feel some of it weighing on me- until the FINAL touch is FINISHED! I also feel like nearly 2600 square feet was too much- especially now that I have to CLEAN it...which I fail to do as much as I should.
Dream Kitchen


I have been very very fortunate to be working for Oklahoma's #1 Home Builder- Home Creations! I am working a development close to home in Collinsville, OK- Ashbury Park. Believe it or not- I have sold over 40 homes there since January! I cannot even begin to describe how it feels to have such success- not just the monetary part- but helping so many couples, families, single moms, young single lady and gents- become first time home buyers or downsize to their first ever BRAND NEW home. I am blessed beyond measure to know each of these individuals. Building a house can be a grueling process- but I think between myself and my awesome amazing construction team- we do it with class and outstanding customer service! I cannot imagine being anywhere else or doing anything else! I was promoted to the Tulsa Team Leader in September and I am leading my team to great success! We sold 10 homes in 9 days just the past few weeks and we are set to break records in 2013! Just wait and see- the HC girls will make their mark on Tulsa New Home Sales!


My beautiful baby girl- in the middle- My Mady Girl
The kids are full steam ahead in school and sports! Dax had his best football season ever- his first  year as a Middle School ball player- and scored a touchdown and had lots of awesome carries as a starting Fullback...I had many proud mom moments this season! Hes now in my favorite sport- WRESTLING! With his first tournament coming up on 11/17! Cant wait to see him PIN SOMEONE! Mady had a great cheer season and is now in her first tumbling lessons! She is loving it! We are also starting Volleyball for the first time ever in Dec- that should be an adventure. 
My #40 My Dax

I feel like life is flying by and things are just so fast paced these days I don't have time to think! I need to make a goal to set down and write every week...it is so therapeutic. Like reading a novel...which I might add- I have been on a novel hangover since reading Fifty Shades of Grey- THREE TIMES- I haven't been able to get INTO another novel! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

One thing I know for certain right now- I need to learn to "turn it off" like my Hubby says- silence my phone, close the laptop, and just BE! Even if for an hour a day- I need the peace...and break from the worldThere is nothing that cannot wait until tomorrow. 


In St. Thomas- that place was a dream!
Being married is NOT easy. For anyone. If they say it is- they are lying. Period. Life isn't perfect so therefore we struggle, battle, worry, fret and fight through this world together. Sometimes, in a forward motion both in sync, sometimes, one dragging the other kicking and screaming and sometimes just at a stand still trying to figure out where to go from here. Going through the failed IVF definitely was the "lowest of low" in our marriage, not even when it happened- but the emotional backlash- a year even almost two years later, of it all. Sometimes is just so painful, you cannot take it all in- it takes a year or two, just to absorb the pain and disappointment to its fullest extent and except things for what they are- together, apart, as friends, as lovers, as a spouse. Life changes, we go directions we never thought we would- with work and promotions- that your goals as a family have to be re-evaluated. But I have decided that I WANT TO HAVE IT ALL! The husband, the house, the kids, the dogs, the dream job, a baby w/ the man I love...who says I can't have IT ALL? Whatever happens in our IVF Journey- we are doing it- Together- and that's whats most important. I am so thankful for my hubby- he has been my rock through this entire journey and so supportive of my goals and dreams. I love this man, so  much, no matter what. I am the lucky one.