Friday, June 23, 2006


Friday, June 23, 2006
Even though I thoroughly enjoyed watching Mady graduate from JOY Preschool this Spring and watching Dax get his "Kindergarten Diploma" from Mrs. Jech (Just like I did when I was 6), some proud parent moments far exceed others and last night----was one of them!!!
AS most of you know that read my blog, this is Daxon's first year of Baseball! He is on the same team as Brooke's son, Gage. They play for the Skiatook FIREBALLS! They finished the Season 14-1. This week has been their league tournament- a big deal! We won the first night, then lost the second night- sad :(
Then last night we had to win both games to stay in the tournament. We won the first game and played the Skiatook Braves the second game for a playoff position for 1st, 2nd or 3rd. The game was awesome!!! Daxon stopped all the balls that came to him and he hit good!
At the bottom of the last inning the Braves were ahead by 4 points so we needed to score 5 runs to win! There was one out.....bases were loaded.....Gage, Brooke's son, HITS A GRAND SLAM!!! The game is tied. Then Braydon hits a homerun and the SKIATOOK FIREBALLS WIN AND OFF TO PLAYOFFS WE GO!!! YEAH!!!
DAxon was so proud that they won!!! Brooke and I were screaming and near tears! It was such a proud moment! All the hard work, hot practices, late night games, money and dedication- finally paying off!!! What a great first year of Baseball for Dax- he loves it and wants to play this Fall and next Spring- I am so proud of him and his team!!!
SO tonight we play at 6:00, if we win, we play for first or second!!! We are the only Skiatook team left in the league- what an accomplishment!

Monday, June 12, 2006


Monday, June 12, 2006
Back from the CRUISE & MEXICO......
SO I am back to reality today, in Oklahoma, at work and its raining!! YUCK!!!
I just want to say that the 7 day cruise to Cozumel, Mexico and Progresso, Yucatan was phenomonal!!! I went scuba diving in Cozumel, layed out on Playa Mia beach in Cozumel and went on the "banana" at the beach in was fun!!! I almost chickened out of the scuba diving but decided that since I already paid $160 to do it and might not get the chance to do it again soon.....darn it I was going to take a risk and just do it!!! NOW I am so ready to do it again and again!!! I got to touch the corral, see all the neat looking fish and believe me I was constantly looking over my shoulder for worries though I did not see a fish over 6 inches long.....SIGH!!!
The cruise ship was crazy, drunk teenagers everywhere and all the food you could eat 24 hours a!! My favorite part was getting dressed up for dinner every night, I am all about that!!! Oh and of course the cosmetics section in the Galleria Shop- Lancome and Estee Lauder- DUTY AND TAX FREE- Oh yes I stocked up!!! I got a great tan and I am soaking in lotion to prevent it from peeling away!! And believe me- on the cruise ship- there were bikinis of all shapes and sizes, it was crazy!!! Some people seriously have no shame, either that or their mirror is on the other hand....I know what having two kids did to my body and the bikini days are over for me, I stick strictly to the tankini's and I am proud of it!!!
Well I will be posting pics soon of my adventures and good times!!!
For now I will just dream of the ocean and the beach and get back to reality at my desk here in the big town of Tulsa, Oklahoma!!!