Tuesday, March 18, 2008


new haircuts!!!!

Nascar Races March 2008 lots of fun!
love my mother-in-law and sister-in-law! I have the mom I always wanted! and the sweetest little sis ever!

love her.....

They are such a good example of TRUE LOVE through the years! Im blessed to be in their family!

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Friday, March 14, 2008
BEING THANKFUL Current mood: thankful Category: Religion and Philosophy

All too often we get caught up in our daily routine of kids, relationships, family, jobs, household duties, kids’ school, kids’ sports and friends that we fail to stop and look at all God has blessed us with- and JUST BE THANKFUL. For a moment- maybe even two- each day- how many of us can say- we take a deep breath- look around us- take it all in- and just say "thank you God for my home, my healthy family, my sanity, my health, the clothes I wear, the car I drive, the people in my life that are loving, caring and wonderful"- so we acknowledge all the blessings in our lives the way we should? Do we give back to those who are less fortunate or think for a moment that maybe we overindulge in things we think we need- but really only society tells us we must have? I know many times I am guilty of buying too much for my children and myself and others I care for- instead- I should be teaching my children to give what we have to those who really need- those who go without day in and day out. Once I tried to make a statement to my children about "the starving kids in Africa" and it only made my daughter (who was 3 at the time) think her skin would turn dark if she got hungry! Statment not interpretated quite the way I had intended! I learned our children are better off learning from our actions- not a TV show!!
Now that I am staying home each day and I have time to actually think quietly and take it all in- I am so blessed! I know that most of the people in my life can say the same thing as I- we have homes, cars, jobs, healthy children, educations, and most importantly- the love of God and our families- we are truly blessed people- and we take it for granted so much of the time! At an early age I was blessed with the spiritual gift of mercy- I was the child who would sneak clothes to school for the girl who wore the same outfit days in a row- the girl less fortunate than myself- and now I see the same merciful gift in my daughter- and for that- I am truly thankful. Not always does having mercy on others pay off the way we intend it to- but in the long run- God blesses the merciful and the giving- tenfold. Being home and getting out of the hussle and bussle of the working mother life- has made me realize- it’s not about what kind of house you live in, what kind of car you drive, who your friends are, how much you have in the bank, flat screen tvs, ps3s, psps, the name brand clothing/shoes, vacations, how many extra cirricular activities your kids are involved in and the extravagant ways of many parents- ITS ABOUT being THANKFUL for what we have- without GOD we would not have all the things we have- ITS ABOUT what we had to go through to be where we are today- ITS about love- ITS about family- and GOD is the one who gives us those things- and for that- I AM BLESSED- and for that- I AM THANKFUL- IMMENSELY! So when we find ourselves being caught up in the ways of the world- the extravagant spending ways- maybe we need to stop and look around us at those less fortunate- be thankful for all we currently have- and instead of going out and buying our 100th pair of shoes for the year- give back- not just to your church- but to those that you know need it- those who struggle- those who go without- and those who are thankful to wake up in the morning- as we all should be! So for now- I am thankful- I am blessed- and I am hoping that I can teach my children to always give back more than you have- and that- will teach them integrity and the true value of being successful!!!
ENDING THOUGHT: Nothing we have or buy here- no money we have in the bank- will go with us to heaven- so why not do something good with your money while you are here to have it? Having money does not equal having happiness- but giving your money can bring happiness to someone’s life- and in turn- your own life!