Monday, November 29, 2010

There is ALWAYS Hope!

Wow! What a roller coaster this process has been and continues to be. Today was my first BETA HCG blood test. Of course I went first thing this morning to the lab in Owasso. Because my Dr. will not discuss your results until AFTER your second test- which is Wednesday- I asked the lab how long it would take- since it was a STAT order- they said an hour. So I went to the truck and waited the hour- playing Words with Friends (thank God for that game) and checking up on my Facebook friends (thank you to all my interesting friends and their amusing updates).

As I waited (on a dark cloudy rainy morning) the sun peered through the clouds and it seemed to only shine on the hospital parking lot. It was so comforting. It was like God was telling me and me only that everything was going to be OKAY and although there are times of darkness, clouds and rain- the shine will ALWAYS shine later! I was so touched- it brought me to tears. I had to get out of the truck and take a picture it! I know I am such a sentimentalist but it just seemed like one of those moment when God speaks to you...I know it was one of those moments. It really gave me peace. Before I saw the sun I felt planted in my seat like I needed a bulldozer to pick me up and force me to walk back into the hospital and get my results, after I saw it- I was fine, I had peace and I was calm. Isn't our God AWESOME? I felt so reassured not to give up HOPE! When the clock struck 9:30 I confidently got out of the truck and headed back to the lab.

I got my test results and my number was a 16. I would've liked for it to be a higher number but any number above a 9 is a positive pregnancy and I was so relieved! There is still hope! Certainly there is cause for joy and cautious optimism! Immediately I began researching about others who had low betas- of course there are some whose numbers did not double after their second BETA which resulted in a miscarriage- but there are also some whose numbers kept growing and have healthy children now! I am so so so so thankful for the online fertility forums- you would not believe the many many stories I have read that have inspired me- these women are made of steel and I admire each and everyone of them! Truly amazing! So right now I am praying and hoping my number will double by my second BETA on Wednesday! Praying for anything over number 32!!! I am praying I will be one of those inspirational stories of a low BETA turned healthy pregnancy and baby! Maybe God is using me to help others?

I truly believe that we just have a little bit of a stubborn embaby- he or she was late to grow to blastocyst- pushing us to a 6 day transfer now he or she is a late implanter! Maybe he or she is just stubborn like their mom & dad- completely not out of the question here ;)

Right now I am walking in RELIEF....relief that the number was not a big fat zero as it can be with some! I am walking in HOPE that my numbers double in 48 hours and I am walking in FAITH knowing that no matter what the results are it is God's will for us right now and I will have PEACE.

What a roller coaster, numbers game and test of patience this has been. I can only become a better person because of this journey and I intend do everything in my power to keep my spirit strong and my faith unwavering.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Weeping Willow

Well since Sunday the waterworks have been flowing, and flowing, and flowing....and flowing. I cannot remember a time in my life I was sooo emotional in a weepy way. It's truly pathetic. If weren't for my hubby I would have probably lost my ever loving mind by now. It's not so much stress or worry it's just EMOTION just sheer outright overwhelming, happiness, sadness, sorrow, elation...emotion that just comes over me at any given time and the tears flow. My cheeks, I fear, are forever tear stained.

I will admit as much as I hate to that I broke down and peed on the stick! AKA- took a home pregnancy test...or 4...all were negative :( BUT I am holding out hope that I am one of the MANY IVF women who take HPT (home pregnancy tests) up until the day of their Beta blood test then get a POSITIVE blood test! It could be too early, maybe late egg implantation or maybe my levels are not going to high at first. Either way I am NOT giving up HOPE and I am believing in our miracle!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and the kids were with their dad, which made the day harder than hard. Being around family should give me comfort but really it just adds to my anxiety. I feel so much pressure because my Hubby does not have children of his own for us to have HIS children. I know how important it is to him and his family and especially since he is a man and should carry on his last name which he and the Bryants are very proud of. I know his family loves me and loves us no matter what- all the pressure is purely self inflicted! He reassures me that no matter what we have each other, love each other and baby or no baby nothing will ever change the love he has for me. He knew what he was in for when he married me (he must be crazy I know) and the man is true to his word and love and completely steady and unwavering when it comes to his loyalty, support and compassion for me. It's truly amazing. His love reminds me everyday of how much God loves me to have given me such an amazing man, best friend, rock and father to my children.

When we left his family's Thanksgiving to go to mine- which was small- just my sister mom and grandparents (ahhh....sigh....). I broke down and cried 5 times between Sperry and Skiatook. He patted me and talked me out of my tears. He keeps assuring me we have been through HARDER times- reminding me what we went through with Dax and his dad and that this is nothing compared to that- I know he is right- but it is still SO HARD! We walk in the door at my sisters and I break down again and there we are in her living room- me balling and my Hubby holding me. I made my mom and sister cry- it was such a mess! I felt bad Thanksgiving should be a happy time and there I was balling like a 5 year old in my sister's living room. I only broke down once after that. I am not sure what it is- maybe my body is just SPENT- I mean 97 shots later (yes I am still on 2 pills, 1 nightly huge painful progesterone shot at night and vaginal suppositories) pumped full of hormone injections and pills my body HAS HAD IT! Not to mention my emotional well being. Don't get me wrong I would not trade this journey for the world we are blessed to be able to do this but it does take it toll and there is NOTHING easy about this. I would venture to say that only the most rock solid of marriages could withstand going through IVF and I am so thankful to have one of those rock solid marriages!

These past 5 days my hubby has held me for countless hours as I sobbed my eyes out...literally balling like a big kid! Who knew I could cry this much? Certainly NOT ME! I think he is shocked and keeps saying- "you never cry like this babe". A song, a book, a facebook post, a text, a thought, just little things send me into inconsolable sobs. I will even fess up to NOT showering for two days and being able to lay in bed doing nothing but watching movies, reading books and playing words with friends. Maybe this is me letting go of the situation and giving the control to God? I don't know but it's sad sight for sure! Hence the reason why I was relieved and jumped at the opportunity to get up at 3 am and go Black Friday shopping this morning with my mom and sister- change things up a bit ya know?! It doesn't help that kids have been with their dad all week so I am missing them and certainly if they were here I would fight back the tears. I promised myself after them seeing me crying literally everyday of their lives until they were 4 and 6 because of my miserable marriage with their dad- I would put on a happy face from that day forward and not shed a tear in front of them unless someone died or someone was hurt! And I have held true to that promise! So I am really looking forward to them being home so my steel armor of superwoman mom can be put BACK ON and the tears/sobs/weepiness can subside a little.

So for now...I am deeming myself the weeping willow...don't worry if there is ANYTHING that needs crying over...I am doing it for you!

p.s.- I am totally praying this all early pregnancy symptoms and beginning of the emotional roller coaster...we will know for sure on Monday- only 3 more days!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Little Thankful List

In my quest to stay positive and approach things with a thankful peaceful heart I am blogging today about ALL the things in my life I have to be THANKFUL FOR! When you sit back and think about it most of us are blessed with an overabundance of blessings in our life that mostly we don't even realize.

Here's my list:

1- God for giving his Son so I can be forgiven when I sin and fall short of His glory and grace.
2- My awesome kiddos- Dax and Mady- they are the light of my life. They make me happy and a better person everyday.
3- My Hubby- is so wonderful and I am so in love with him- there are not words to describe the blessing he is to my life. I love him.
4- My sister- she just gets it- she understands me and is always there for me. Thanks to her I don't have to mess with the girl drama of having a BFF- she is my BFF and I love her dearly.
5- My family- mom, brother, grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins- I have many awesome people in the mix who bring special blessings to my life- they are all amazing! Love them immensely!
5- My Hubby's family- they are awesome- they make me laugh and they are truly genuine good people. I am blessed to be a part of that family. My in laws are an amazing couple who have been married for 31 years and I love it that they are still so crazy about each other.
6- My Church- it's an amazing place filled with amazing people who love God and are loving, caring, prayerful, giving people. I am lifted up by being a part of such an awesome church family.
7- My Home- its affordable, efficient and perfect for us right now. I am praying it will be an life changing investment for our future.
8- My friends- I have an awesome support system of friends. I know I can call at the drop of a hat and I know they have my back. They are prayer warriors and I am certain their prayers have changed the course of my life for the better a time or two.
9- Our truck and car- they are paid for- and for that I am thankful! The car gets awesome gas mileage which makes me smile every time I drive her :)
10- Books- because I can escape and go anywhere with them.
11- The Bible- it gives me solace and peace in times of turmoil and reasons to celebrate in times of uplifting.
12- My health....basically I am glad to be healthy in every way possible!
13- My family's health- thankfully we are happy and healthy right now!
14- IVF- for giving Hubby and I a shot at being parents together- God is in control here...
15- My doggies- they are always happy to see me and I am always to see them- they love me even when I'm a mess! The most loyal little four legged friends ever!
16- Pretty weather- I love opening the windows at my house and letting the fresh air stream through- those are my favorite days.
17- Football season- it's just fun- especially when your team is winning.
18- The Holidays- sure they can be stressful- but I so enjoy the food, fellowship, family and of course watching the kids enjoy their gifts.
19- Naps- here lately I cannot get enough of these in- so I am thankful for these wonderful little gifts in the middle of my day.
20- My bed- we call it the THE CLOUD- its awesome, so amazingly comfortable and wonderful in every way. One of the best investments the hubby and I have ever made.
21- Facebook- its a great way to pass the time and keep up with friends and family. I love it!
22- DVR- God made this for busy moms who can't spend time in front of the TV but enjoy certain shows and must be able to fast forward through commercials...
23- My ex-husband- I know sounds weird but he did help me create two awesome kids. My relationship with him taught me a lot about myself and how I will never let someone abuse me or control me ever again. How being happy with someone is so important and life is too short for misery. If he were not in my life I would not be constantly reminded of God's grace, mercy and my need to for patience, forgiveness and tolerance. I believe being forced to utilize these skills makes me a better person.
24- Music- it heals the soul and calms the beast and I love me some music of ALL kinds!
25- Pictures/My Camera- I am totally obsessed with taking pictures! I love doing it and I love capturing so many moments with people I love!
26- Memories- I have lost many people I love and memories are all I have left of them (and my quilt that my Mama made me that I sleep with every night)- I am so thankful for those memories and mementos- I treasure them and keep them in a special place in my heart.
27- Cherry Berry and Blue Bell Ice Cream- come one who doesn't love these? I am thankful for their yummy existence.
28- Exercise especially running- it helps relieve any stress or burden...sweat it away! Awe! Can't wait to get back into the routine again!
29- Prayers/Prayer Warriors- we all do it, we all need it and we all know it changes things...I am thankful for its power!
30- Blogging- I like to just put it out there- it's therapeutic for me to keep it real and write it out to get it off my chest. Sure I have made some people mad from time to time but I guess in life we can expect to ruffle some feather because God made us all differently and we won't all agree all the time- and that's okay as long as you know no matter you say or do- my thoughts/opinions/beliefs/convictions will mostly likely NOT change so don't waste your breathe/time/money to try to do so- you will fail. Just embrace me for who I am and if you don't like me or what I write- then do not visit my blog :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Okay so I have heard about it time and time again from all the IVF women on the online discussion boards and a few friends that the Two Week Wait (the time period from Egg Transfer until you take your BETA blood test that tells you if you are preggo or not) is hard, nerve wracking and emotional.

Honestly I brushed off the thought of losing my mind and being an emotional wreck during my two week wait. I am a Christian- I have faith and I stand firm in God's will in my life- worry, fear and doubt should not even be in my vocab and in addition- I am a busy mom! I thought I would be so busy with kids and life that this time would fly by and I wouldn't even flinch I would pray through this and all would be peaceful and fine...boy was I dead WRONG!

Let's see it's been 4 days and I am approaching nervous breakdown mode! Just a half hour after the Egg Transfer the paranoia set in: Example 1- I had to pee- so they brought in a bed pan (I had lay flat on my back for an hour after the transfer) and Hubby chuckled at me peeing in the bed pan- I laughed too- and it hurt my stomach- I immediately started to worry that I messed something up because I laughed! Okay this is not my first rodeo- I have had to two kids- obviously I know A LAUGH cannot push two embryos out of your uterus- but I will be honest- the thought crossed my inching towards insanity mind. That evening every time I got up to pee- which I do ever more frequently because my ovaries are still very swollen- I did so with guilt because I was not laying down and getting in all of my bed rest I possibly could.

I do believe that not getting the full 24 hours of bed rest has sent me into panic mode! I keep thinking if it doesn't work it will be because we had to fly out first thing the next morning and I wasn't able to be on bed rest that entire day. I worried about that for the entire 12 hours traveling that Thursday. Not to mention that I actually went to the restroom and took off my panties and flew home commando because the panties were too tight on my lower abs when I would sit down and I did not want to put any undo pressure on that area...really? I am totally losing it here people...

So once we got home I actually felt better- I was so relieved to see my kids that the worry would go away then suddenly creep up on me and I would get that feeling in the pit of my stomach you know like your on a roller coaster ride getting ride to plummet straight down- yes that would be me about every 30 minutes! But I am seriously working on that- because when that happens- I am like- that cannot be good for the embabies! So I am doing some praying and breathing through those more roller coasters!

Every little cramp, pain, ache I am totally over thinking. If I cramp I worry I might be starting my period and then I think maybe its egg implantation but then no sign of implantation bleed- so then I worry again that Aunt Flow might be coming to town- and right now she is my mortal enemy! I am praying for her to stay away for the next 9 months. I woke up with leg cramps two days ago and was ecstatic because I had horrible leg cramps when I was pregnant with Mady. Really? Who I am kidding? I totally am not far along enough to have any kind of pregnancies symptoms...but it's okay to wish right?

Every morning I wake up and hope for morning sickness (once again not far along enough but one can hope). This comes from the person who puked their ever loving guts up every day until 5 months preggo with both kiddos. I used to pray for an early death while worshiping the porcelain god 8-10 years ago now I pray to just to worship it again! When I am laying in bed I am constantly on guard to make sure our crazy dog doesn't jump on my belly. I am inhaling pineapple like it's chocolate on Halloween because it is supposed to help with egg implantation.

The bad side to this entire process is that I am still on two daily pills and one nightly injection. One being progesterone which can make you mimic pregnancy symptoms. So tender boobs- must be progesterone, tired all the time- must be progesterone. One cannot be certain what they are feeling with the meds! Maybe it's the meds that are making me an emotional basket case too?

Here's the worse part: unless you have been through the emotional, financially and physical ins and outs of IVF you just DO NOT GET IT! I know I have awesome family and friends who love me and are praying for us and I could call at the drop of the hat to cry to or whatever to but really- I just sound crazy! Being around people almost makes this entire craziness worse. It's like I am half pregnant- not really pregnant but maybe just a little pregnant- not enough to talk about but enough to constantly be on my mind. People who are pregnant and have babies- well it's just heartbreaking right now. I love them but right now for me it's just a double edged sword and I do not know how to change that feeling. I mean I have two kids- I am a mom- but I want to be a mom again and with the man I love I have never had that...

I feel like there is so much on the line here- after the money we spent, the time away from family, the now weeks of meds and injections- its just A LOT for this to not go our way. Most importantly- wanting to have a baby with my hubby and give him his only child- there are not words to describe how bad I want this- more than I have ever wanted anything in my entire life. I know God knows this I keep telling myself this over and over. He has never forsaken me and I know He won't now.

I cannot imagine the let down. I shutter at the thought- and I shouldn't even let that thought cross my mind- I know how powerful our thoughts are- and I guess that's why I am writing this OUT...because I am trying to get control of any negative thoughts and get a grip on my paranoia and emotions. I think about how we will have to sacrifice to save money again to try again, how I am getting older, if I am pregnant I need to keep the stress level low to ward off miscarriage- have you met me? I am a total stress ball.

Maybe a cry fest is what I need. When Dax was in counseling and I would go in to visit with his counselor I would always cry and I would always apologize for crying and he would kindly remind me each time that crying is good- its the body's way of releasing emotions and stress so just cry and let it out! I just feel so weak when I cry. I am strong and I want to be strong through this and keep a thankful heart. Crying and being worrisome seems so weak, selfish and faithless.

I am sure this blog post is rambling and doesn't make sense to many people who are reading it- but it certainly has made me feel better just by writing it out and getting it off my chest. I feel engulfed in two week wait crazies...and I am trying my hardest to dig my way out!

Friday, November 19, 2010

2 Perfect Embabies!!!!

After a whirlwind of a week...and everything get moved up a day- we got the call Wednesday morning- our anniversary- that we were all set for transfer! At first it was at 11:00 then they changed it to 3:30. Hubby and I were at a loss for things to do- we had literally been everywhere and seen everything in Vegas! So we went to see a movie! HA! We thought we needed a good laugh so we opted for Due Date- it was hilarious and just what the doctor ordered! We had a great lunch at TGIFridays then headed to Sher's office. (Pic of me right before the transfer).

He seemed very pleased with our little babies and said they were perfect. The Egg Transfer was like wham bam thank you ma'am all of ten minutes tops! It was uncomfortable but not painful. They gave us a picture of our two perfect blastocysts! That really gave me a peace of mind- because they do look amazing- the cells are plentiful and that's what we want for good "stick" quality! They just need my uterus to get nestled into and grow grow grow!

Doctor's orders are 24 hours of bed rest, can't lift anything over 10 pounds for two weeks, can't do anything strenuous for two weeks (the no ponytail bob order is still in effect people) and no intercourse for two weeks- Hubby was sad about that one- LOL! I am trying not to worry about what my house is going to look like at the end of this two weeks. With two kids, two dogs and a hubby- things quickly get out of control if I take just ONE DAY off- imagine 14? YIKES!

I was a little apprehensive that the transfer was so late in the day- since they recommend 24 hours of bed rest and we were flying out first thing in the morning. But I went to the hotel and went right to bed and only got up to pee! Hubby had to finish all the packing and getting thing ready to leave- have I mentioned lately that he is the absolute best? Well HE IS! :) We left at 5:30 in the morning and headed to the airport- there was some confusion at check out but after waiting in line an hour and a half we got it straightened out as I tried my best NOT get worked up or stressed out!

We had a 2 1/2 hour layover in LAX, we ate lunch and I layed down in the lobby chairs and took a nap- bed rest right? The flight to Oklahoma seemed like forever! I did my best to rest but the seats in that plane were not sufficient for resting! I was never so happy to the see midwest in my life and before we knew it- we were flying over Skiatook Lake, I could see the dam, Cross Timbers, my in laws house then Skiatook! Yay for HOME! HOME SWEET HOME! I love you! I was so ready to get off that plane and see my babies! As we walked through the terminal I got a glimpse of my Dax and the tears come flooding! By the time I got to my kids, mom and sister I was sobbing! Emotions that there are no words to describe! I missed them so much...I hope I am never away from them this long again in their entire life! Just sayin'!

Daxon said the picture of the babies looked like two "fuzz balls" LOL! The kids are being so sweet and considerate when it comes to me being pregnant. They are just awesome kids and I love them so much! I kept them home from school today so we could have some extra cuddle time! They will be back with their dad next week for Thanksgiving so I am cherishing every minute with them that I can!

I am scheduled for my BETA blood test on November 29th- we will know if the babies "stuck" or not. I am confident that the little fighters are growing and healthy as can be! So please keep praying for us and our little babies- that they grow grow grow! Thank you everyone- what a journey this has been so far! Wow! We are so thankful for the blessing we got and honestly- because we are Christians- we were concerned about having too many good embryos and not being able to use all of them- and what the right thing would be to do with them. God took care of that for worries now- we got the PERFECT TWO! Thank you God for taking care of us once again!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

6 Day Egg Transfer

Okay so today we were thrown a curve ball. We were all set to transfer our eggs today and nurse called this morning and said we will "probably" be doing a 6 day transfer because 4 of our top embryos have not fully reached blastocyst (the best growth rate for egg implantation) stage yet but they are at pre-blast stage which is good. Then she added IF none make it to blast they will cancel the cycle- WHAT?

Let me vent: many many many women have 4-6-8-10 cell embryos (not even blastocyst yet) transferred on either day 3 or day 5 and get pregnant! I understand my RE wants to give us the best shot at getting pregnant but canceling a cycle all together when we have 4 good embryos- um no. If we get the call in the morning that none are blasts yet I will insist they transfer our "top two" embryos. We have sacrificed financially, emotionally- been away from kiddos 11 days- I will not walk away with's just not an option for me :)

Okay now thinking positive- I am hoping we will have those precious 4 (the perfect number that I wanted and prayed for) and we will transfer 2 and freeze 2 in case we need them in the future.

SO I am asking everyone to please please pray our embie babies are growing and make it to that perfect blastocyst stage by tomorrow morning!

One a good note- we will be transferring on our 3 year anniversary! How romantic right?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

73 Shots Later Equals New Found Heroes

I try my hardest to be upbeat and positive no matter what the situation. I admit I have my downfalls when I just want to complain and whine about everything. But mostly I keep that attitude in check and pray through whatever it is that is causing me to have the whine syndrome. That being said, I need to whine and complain a little bit- just to get it off my chest!

First of all, I want to say that all you IVF and IUI moms and women out there are now my new found heroes. I have talked to many women who have been through 1, 2, 3 or more IVF cycles. I do not know how you do it. This is HARD STUFF there is nothing easy about the shots, the hormones, the emotions, the retrieval, the bloating, the discomfort, the waiting, the waiting, the transfer....and the waiting. I think if I did not have my hubby, family, friends and God I would probably cry everyday. Luckily I have only cried a handful of times but I do have to admit I get misty eyed more often these days due to the hormone injections and high emotions.

I counted today and so far I have received 73 shots either in the tummy, thigh, arm or hip. Hands down the Progesterone in Oil shots that I started the night of the retrieval are the most painful horrible awful shots EVER! My Hubby deserves the medal of honor for being such a trooper about the shot giving and always being positive when I feel like I just can't take another shot! The PIO shot is supposed to help my uterine lining thicken because IVF shots can thin it out. This will prevent miscarriage so I am doing them and I am going to do it with a thankful heart! This shot continues until I am 8 weeks pregnant...Lord give me strength! Right now both my hips are so sore I cannot even sit down without cringing. (see pic of my hubby getting ready to give me a shot)

Also this bloating and discomfort is for the birds! My ovaries are so swollen you can actually see them protruding from my stomach. At first I was scared maybe I had Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome but I am still peeing, pooping okay and I am not retaining water so I think it is just because I had 24 Follices and they are now filled with fluid which takes 7-10 days to leave your system. Wow! I look huge! How do women work before, during or after IVF? I cannot imagine! You cannot even wear your clothes. Prior to the retrieval I looked about 3 months pregnant and now I look about 5 months. I told Hubby its a good preview at what I might look like in the months to come! ;) I have to pee every 5 minutes and it hurts like I am going to burst every time! The burping and passing gas is out of control- my poor Hubby and in laws- I am so glad they love me and don't mind my issues!

I did the Micro shots of stimulation meds (although with my amount of eggs you wouldn't think so) so my hormones and emotions were not too bad but I could certainly tell my patience wearing thin with my kiddos. I really did feel bad for's like one day your mom is one person and the next day she wakes up and she's Roseanne Barr on crack! I am certain this time apart they have found a new love and respect for me regardless of how I was acting when I left. So I am at peace about that behavior however rash and uncalled for. I was totally open and honest with them about the shots and how they made me feel so maybe they took it with a grain a salt. I can only hope. For all you IVFers and infertility warriors who did the full blown stem shots and meds- you rock and you amaze me!

After all the yucky symptoms, side effect, aches, pains and shots I have to say I am still so very thankful for the experience and to have 11 healthy embryos growing! Yes we got our FERT report today and 11 of the 13 have made it to the next stage of growth. The nurse said 5 are growing on track and are almost ready now. We are planning our Egg Transfer on Tuesday November 16th. The day after my birthday and before our 3 year anniversary. We are so blessed and we know it! I cannot wait to be home and pregnant (hopefully with twin Bryant Babies).

We are still having a good time in Vegas with my in laws! I hate to see them go tomorrow. (see pic of my hubby and I at Hard Rock Cafe today). We've taken in lots of sights and yummy food!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lucky Number 13 & Yoga at 2 am!

What a whirlwind week! I cannot believe tomorrow will already be one week in Vegas- it is flying by! I am having a blast but I am missing my kids and my dogs soooo bad! I cannot wait to see them and give them love!

I am so enjoying my in laws and hubby being here. Our Egg Retrieval went smoothly Thursday morning. I picked Hubby and in laws up from the airport and we went straight to Dr. Sher's office. We were in and out in an hour. We had 14 mature eggs out of my 24 follices. He was very happy with the results. I spent the afternoon resting and we had a great dinner that night at the hotel. I was pretty sore, bloated and crampy but nothing too bad. I started my Progesterone in Oil shots that night- which are very painful and in the hip- I have to do them until I am 8 weeks pregnant- OUCHEY! I am trying not to be such a whiny baby I mean I have had two kids so I can handle A LOT- right?

The next morning we were off and running bright and early. We went to Hoover Dam- which was awesome and beautiful! Being surrounded by such amazing scenery makes me feel close to God- He has created an amazing Earth for us to live on! I am thankful and humbled by it! We also saw 3 REAL monks there- like in robes and scandals- but they were carrying around probably a $2000 Nikon Camera- I thought Monks did not have care about material possessions? Hhhhmmmm.....

Then we went to Pawn Stars and they were filming and we got to see Rick- way awesome! We had a nice lunch at Planet Hollywood at Caesar's Palace. My nurse called with our Embryo report and was please to announce that 13 out of 14 of our eggs had fertilized. She said we will take tomorrow off- meaning there will be no new news then we will hear from her Sunday morning on how they are growing and if we will do Egg Transfer on Sunday or Tuesday. That evening we hit Fremont Street- which was WOW! It is the older part of Vegas but very very neat! The street has a screen over the top that puts on a light show to music. We saw a lot of very interesting people dressed up and some dressed way down. Vegas is a really unique place! Then we had a yummy dinner at Landry's- love their seafood! The main side effects for the day were discomfort from being bloated and gassy! My nurse said that my ovaries are swollen and taking up more room than usual which causes everything else to feel cramped. I also have to pee every 5 minutes! Which is very interesting when you are walking around and scrambling to find the nearest restroom. She also warned me that the PIO shot could cause constipation so be sure to get Metamucil- which we did at the pharmacy on Fremont Street- the one thing we bought! haha!

Last night was very rough. I woke up at 2 in the morning in excruciating pain! Honestly, I felt like I needed to pass gas for about an hour and I would be fine! At one point I was so desperate for relief I was doing YOGA in the bathroom just to get things moving! What a sight that was I am sure! I was in pain for about 2 hours before I finally got some relief- two Gatorades, two Gas X's and some Metamucil later I was asleep. And yes the PIO shot before in the other hip was horrible- so now both hips are super sore and tender...I am tough...I am tough...I will not be a gripey whiner! Okay...I feel better now...

This morning after a yummy buffet breakfast- which I kept high protein so I could have a BM- which I did successfully after breakfast- I have never been so happy to poop in my entire life! Relief AT LAST! We were out the door at 10 am headed to the MGM Grand. We did CSI: The Experience...very neat we had a good time! My mom in law loves that show- I am glad we got to do that with her! Then we walked what seemed like 5 miles from the MGM to The Venetian in hopes of buying Blue Man Group tickets- we were not up for paying $150 to see them so we are currently on a search for cheaper tix! We had a yummy lunch at The Venetian! A Tuna Wrap for me- then I had to treat myself to a slice of Mousse cake- it was heavenly! I am still feeling bloated but its not painful. I think I look like I am 5 months preggo! I swear! After searching online a bit I read on some discussions boards that after your Egg Retrieval your Follices fill up with fluid that can golf ball sized- in my case- that is 24 golf balls! So I am not alone in this discomfort, swollen, bloated, gassy, constipated feat post Egg Retrieval.

I just really hope it all gets straightened out BEFORE Egg Transfer- I cannot imagine being preggo and dealing with these symptoms simultaneously! I am praying for healing and relief- like ASAP!

All in all we have a great fantastic blessed Micro IVF Cycle- I am super blessed and thankful- gas and all! I am praying we have 6 good Embryos out of the 13- so we can Transfer 2 and freeze 4 if we need them in the future. I am so thankful God has allowed this process to be so successful for us!

Vegas is amazing and I have only seen one transvestite! That was quite a sight! You don't see one of those everyday in Oklahoma...thank goodness!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just call me the Easter Bunny

First of all let me just say- God is Good- He is so good to us- all the time- even when we are at the lowest of lows or highest of highs He is there listening to our prayers and giving us what we need!

We've been in Vegas since Sunday but it feels like forever. We have been so busy! My mom and I have taken in lots of sights, shops, scenery & places! Vegas is an amazing place! The Venetian was breathtaking, Ceasars Palace amazing, Was Musuems tons of fun, The Mirage awesome, Planet Hollywood very cool (see pic of mom and I at PH), we got to meet Chumlee today at Pawn Stars & all the scenery & sights have been awesomely amazingly cool! We are having a great time and I am so glad my mom is here with me until Hubby and the in laws get here Thursday.

My first Dr. appointment with Dr. Sher was Monday morning. Mom and I got lost on the way to the Dr. office and we were twenty minutes late but it somewhat took the edge off the worry about the results. My ultrasound went great (see pic of the wonderful vaginal ultrasound device- not my first & I'm sure it won't be my last- but just had to share). I had 14 Follicles on the right and 13 on the left. Let me just stop here and review these numbers. Okay as I have said before, I am doing the MICRO IVF, not full blown IVF, so that means my dosage for stimulation meds were half what they normally give an IVF patient. Most IVF patients are told to expect a low number of Follices and eggs because of the low stim protocol. I was expecting to hear I had 5- 10 Follices NOT 27! WOW! Dr. Sher said he was amazed with my progress and told my mom she should be very proud of her fertile daughter!

I was on cloud 9 when we left the office. I understand the road is still long, we still have to do retrieval, pray for the eggs & sperm to fertilize beautiful embryos, do the egg transfer, then wait to see if the embryos "took" or not. Just the fact that we will have so many good eggs to choose from I know for sure we will have those two perfect "embies" to put in and that makes me happy! It evens the playing field and give me a peace a mind about everything.

I went back today and all the Follices had grown to the perfect size for my trigger shot tonight! I had to do all 3 of my normal stim shots this morning- that was rough- at one point then needle actually bounced off my skin when mom tried to stick me! I am so sore! But we did it! I am so looking forward to a few days off from the shots! The trigger shot will make the Follices release eggs in time for the egg retrieval- we do that shot at 11:30 tonight on the DOT! My lining looks good and everything was as Dr. Sher said "perfecto". He thinks we will get 24 good eggs. Egg Retrieval will be Thursday at 11 am and Hubby's flight lands at 8:55 so we will be going straight from the airport to the dr. office for him to give his SUPER SPERM deposit to fertilize those eggs! How romantic right?
The highlight of Dr. visit was Dr. Sher calling me the "Easter Bunny" because I have made so many eggs as a Micro IVF patient.

The reality is sinking in that I might very well be pregnant with twins this time next month. Even though most people would be scared to death. Honestly I will feel so very blessed that God has allowed me to have not just ONE but TWO babies with the man that I love so much! I spent so many years in misery that now I cherish every moment I have with my hubby, the kiddos and hopefully our soon to be baby(s).

I am so thankful God has let me maintain my FERTILE MERTILE title after all these years and at 31 I am still healthy as ever "down there". I know He is 100% in control of this journey and He has heard my prayers, my family's prayers, my friends prayers, my church family's prayers and I am sure the prayers of people who just know us and what we are going through. I am so humbled by the outpouring of support, prayers and love by everyone! It has been amazing!

Keep up the awesome prayers all my prayer warrior friends & family! THEY ARE WORKING! God is amazing and He is allowing us to have this miracle!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Las Vegas...Baby!

Yesterday was very eventful and emotional. I cried on the way to the airport and when I said goodbye to the kids & Hubby. I will miss them so much! Hubby will be here Thursday but the kids I won't see for 10 days and that really hurts my heart. But I know in the end all the sacrifice will be worth it. I wrote the kids a note for each day I am gone and on the way to the airport mady was fervently writing me notes too! It was so sweet! Both of the kids cried...that was hard. But they are excited about the possibility of having a baby brother and sister so I know they will be fine. I am praying the time with their dad is peaceful and nourishing. Pray Pray Pray. It's in God's hands and He will take care of them! I am soooo thankful my sister will be taking them to school each day and they will shuttle to her after school and be with her until their dad gets off work. My sister is a heaven sent lifesaver in so many ways. So glad their dad was agreeable to let her help while I am gone. Thank you Lord for allowing that to all work out.

Mom and I had quite an adventure traveling from Tulsa to Las Vegas yesterday. We arrived right on time in Vegas at 1:45 but subsequently did not get to our hotel until nearly 5:00. Our little rental car- a Kia Rio- got lots of action as we drove around aimlessly trying to find our hotel. I was not on my A GAME and did not print out driving directions from the airport to our hotel, I mapped it on my phone and it took us to the wrong place. My phone went dead so I used my mom's 1990s cell phone to call the hotel- it was the wrong Station Hotel- I couldn't tell (because the lady spoke broken English lol) until after the 2nd call of wrong directions that it was Boulder Station I was calling and not Palace Station! When I finally got the right number and directions mom pulls into a "Hooker Motel" to go over the directions and I thought we were going to get shot. It was so funny when we got the next light we started laughing so hard we were crying!

BUT when we finally got settled into the hotel I was very pleased. The room is nice with a 60" inch flat screen (priorities ya know). The hotel has IT ALL! Starbucks, 5 restaurants, buffets, cafes, gambling & slots. It's a good thing I am NOT a gambler or I would be in serious T-Rouble! The beds are AMAZING nice & comfy (I was very worried about this because our bed at home ROCKS and I was afraid I would not be able to sleep in anything less than my "cloud"). I had a great nights rest. Mom and I are obviously still on Central Standard Time because we were up and at 'em by 5:00 am Vegas Time! Wow! (see pic- my home for the next 10 days!)

I am so excited, anxious, nervous about my first appointment today. They will do blood work to see where my E2 levels are and they will do an ultrasound to see how my Follices are growing. I am praying praying praying so hard that all is well and growing on time looking nice & fertile! We are shooting for Egg Retrieval on Friday then a 5 day transfer for Egg Transfer on the 17th (our 3 year anniversary). So far God has truly blessed us with good results and I trust that He will continue to do so. I am walking in faith and peace that everything will fall into place according to His will. I am truly so blessed. I have two healthy amazing children and a husband, family & friends who love & support me in all do. I am staying focused on all things good and wholesome no matter what results I get. I know I am blessed. THANK YOU everyone who has and will continue to pray for us. I am so humbled by the outreach of support and prayers from friends, family & just people I know from the Took. You all are amazing thank you for sharing your own stories it means so much to me- there are not words!

I am truly excited to meet Dr. Sher today. He is a genius and pioneer in the IVF field and to be his patient is an absolute privilege! I know his hands and work are blessed from God and He is a believer. That gives me understanding beyond measure throughout this entire process. I know I am in the best hands and care.

On a fun note- mom and I are headed out on the town after my appointment. Going to Pawn Stars to try to get an autograph for all the kids back home! Then off to the strip to take in the excitement and sights!

One last thing...I GAVE MYSELF MY SHOT THIS MORNING! Yes it was little one but hey that's making huge strides for me! My mom did a great job last night with my other two shots! I am so glad she is here with me!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Farewell to my dear bobbing ponytail!

Tonight is the start of my BIG STIM MEDS! Gonal-F...the meds that will kick my Follices into overdrive and make my eggs grow grow grow!

I got an email from my Dr.'s nurse today just going over a few last minute details with me about starting the Gonal-F. I was so and I mean so disappointed and bummed out when she said that I "could not exercise vigorously, meaning nothing that makes your ponytail bob". Since my Ovaries will be growing they want me to take it easy (hello I am a mom take it easy is not in my vocabulary). I knew that the day after Egg Retrieval and Egg Transfer I would have to have some down time- but I figured I would probably FEEL like being down! I was not ready to start this "down time" before I even got to Vegas! I went out of my way to book a hotel that has a full workout facility so I could run while I was in Vegas. I guess maybe I can slowly walk on the treadmill instead of run...even though I loathe walking for exercise!

So this a farewell blog to my bobbing ponytail who has seen more action in the last two months than it had in the last two years! It's been fun BP but its time for a break so I can make some Bryant Baby Eggs! But I will be seeing you hopefully again in 3 weeks or so!

As a bid goodbye today to my running bobbing ponytail...I got in one last run- I ran the entire 3 miles without stopping! I felt like a rock star! I wonder how long it will be before I can do that again? I am keeping positive thoughts at the forefront...and bidding goodbye to my lovely BP for a month at most! Hey- pregnant women can run too ya know!

I had to take a picture of my ponytail when I got back from my run...isn't it lovely? I will you miss you BP!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Very Happy Halloween

This year our Halloween was packed full of fun, family, friends, spook houses & parties! We had a blast as a family with lots of people we love! I am truly blessed to be part of such an awesome family and I am thankful everyday that God gave me my Hubby and his family- they are amazing in every single way and I love them so much!

Hubby and I figured that this year would (hopefully) be the only year we could make light of our infertility so we decided for his family Halloween party to be Super Sperm (because he does have super sperm) and a Fertility Doctor. They actually had the Super Sperm costume at the Halloween store- it was perfect! We had a blast that night and he won the "Most Original Costume" award! I was on the second day of my injections so although I was tired and a little out of sorts I still had fun and was glad to get together with our family and friends!

On Halloween night my Hubby's family did their annual spook house at his cousins house and Dax was super excited to be able to be one of the spookers (along with my hubby, father in law and brother in law)! The guys worked all day getting the spook house set up. It was awesome and there were thousands of people that went through it! The kids had so much fun!

I am going to miss the days when they are too old for trick or treating! We have so much fun dressing up and getting ready. Hopefully by that time we have a little one to get all dresed up- what fun that will be!