Thursday, September 7, 2006

Thursday, September 07, 2006
I am WHO I am
Due to current events in my divorced life it has come to my attention- I AM WHO I AM- There is no changing me- I am a good person, an awesome mother, a loyal friend, tried to be a good wife and I am good at what I do professionally! So why is it that someone who claimed to love me for 7 years wants to do nothing but make up lies about me and try to bring me down?
I really do not get it! You give birth to someone's children- that right there should earn you a lifetime of at least RESPECT! But no not in my case! The hate voicemails, the mean looks, the slanderous rumors, the constant mind games with our children- it has to stop! Not to mention the fact that he won't pay child support, he hangs out with losers (and brings our son along with him), he won't pay daycare costs and he still claims to be a "good dad" and believe he will get joint custody- What in the world- Ignorance is truly bliss!!
I am not claiming to be a perfect person and I am the first one to tell anyone I meet that the knowledge and wisdom I have now is completely attributed to learning from mistakes in the past made by myself and my parents. I have a gold mine of mistakes made and lessons learned in my brain! But at least I deserve some peace, some respect and for once in the last 7 years- a little bit of happiness!! It hurts my soul and shakes me to the core when the person who is the father of my children does everything in his power to disrupt my world, hurt my feelings, confuse my children and make things difficult for me financially!
If there is anything I will teach my son it will be to respect his wife and cherish her as the mother of his children- that should be the new golden rule in this life!

Tuesday, September 5, 2006


Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Moving up Current mood: good
I do not like nor do I prefer the words "moving on"- I choose to use the phrase- "moving up". In all acutality when one parts from another- we set our standards higher (at least that is how it should be). We take the loss, let down, hurt and pain of the past relationship- learn from it- and come out a wiser person equipped with the ability to decipher the good from bad, the spoiled from the self-sufficient and the rotten from the primed.
So at this time in my life I want to say I am "moving up"- to better things, bigger places and people with morals, standards, goals, initiative and class. Is that too much to ask? I don't really think so- is that hard to find- certainly!

Friday, September 1, 2006


Friday, September 01, 2006
Slumber Party! Current mood: cheerful
So tonight my daughter is having her first all girl slumber party! She has been looking forward to this since we moved into our house- that is the first thing she asked- "can I have a slumber party now?"
She is so grown up about things- very much beyond her age in thinking and talking!
We are going to the Skiatook high school football game- I mean- who wants to miss out on the first game played on turf- quite a big deal in this small town! Then we are off to my house for pizza, makeup, dancing, music and all the sweets you can eat! What fun times! Growing up my house was always known as the slumber party house- once a month occurrence- now Mady can have that too and I am so excited about the many journeys I am going to take with her throughout her life!
so to all- be thinking of me when it is 3 a.m. and I am dead tired wishing these girls would stop screaming, giggling and eating all the sweets!
Good Times Always!
Have a good lllloooonnnngggg weekend to all!!!!