Monday, February 14, 2011

A Mushy Valentine's Day Blog: Warning May Contain Lovey Dovey Sentiments

                                                              Our First VDay together 2007

In celebration of our fourth Valentine's Day together...I am writing a mushy love blog!

When I look at the pictures of us on Valentine's Day in 2007- our first Vday together only two months into our courtship- I am A-Mazed at all the things we have been through together- good and bad in the four years since we took this pic. I often wonder if my Hubby would have run screaming in the other direction if he had known what a hand full, loaded with baggage, mess I was (maybe still am). But then I remind myself a night too long after this pic was taken when I was dealing with some not so great things and he told he had broad shoulders to carry us both through whatever life brought our way. He was right- he has carried us both through many ups and downs and I revere him for his strength and loyalty through life's celebrations and tragedies.

So on this lovey dovey day of L-O-V-E I want to thank God for giving me my Hubby, aside from my children and sister- he is the best thing in my life and I am certain I would not be who I am today if I did not have him in my life. He lets me chase my matter what the cost! He stands by me and always has my back! I can be who I am with him and I never have to worry that he won't understand what I am trying to say or do- because he just GETS ME! His love is solid and unconditional and I am certain that are hard times are past us and our future together is bright and full of amazing things!

Whatever we have overcome together has only made us stronger and brought us closer and to me- that is the true test of love- those who can go through, excuse me, Hell together, and come out on the other side stronger, determined and driven to get to the top of the mountain- hand in hand. We have reached our mountain top and what a journey it has been. Through custody battles, financial struggles (because of the custody battles), selling houses, moving, flipping houses, losing loved ones, and a failed IVF- we are still madly in love just like we were on the day this picture was taken- even more so now because of everything we have been through together.

I could not ask for a better husband, a more perfect match or a better man to share my life- even in the crazy times! Thank you Hubby for loving me through everything and being my #1 Fan! You are THE BEST! MUAH!