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Thursday, September 25, 2008
Sweet Childhood Moments Current mood: thoughtful Category: Life

So in the midst of the start of a new school year, in a new school district, homework, school functions and a busy soccer season- with both daughter and son playing soccer- practices twice a week and games everyday Saturday- a little childhood moment has slowed things down a bit and made me sit back and cherish these times of raising little kids even more!
My baby girl, Madison Rae, who is now 6- lost her first tooth Sunday night! What a bittersweet moment it was! She let Dustin Bryant pull her tooth- which made me happy and sad- I really wanted to pull it- but I am glad she loves/trusts him enough to let him do it! The tooth had been loose for a month now and it was an everyday occurrance for us to talk about how much more loose the tooth was that day! Madison is a typical girl- she thinks the world revolves her and sometimes it pretty much does- so her loosing her first tooth has been a big deal this week in our house! That night Dustin Bryant took her to the store and got ice cream for the entire family and she got her own small pint! She was so so so proud! Her first words were- "I wonder how much money the tooth fairy will bring me?"- always thinking about money and how she will spend it! That night she put her tooth in a baggy and wrote her name, date and phone number on it- how cute is that!
Both of my children are in the stage where they are starting to question if there is a REAL Santa, Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny- and as their mom- I just do not have the heart to break the news to them- that it is in fact- ME- that plays those crucial roles in their little lives! When Mady woke up Monday morning- her tooth was with the "tooth fairy" and she had 5 dollars- for which she immediately said she would have me take her to Wal-Mart afterschool to get a Littlest Pet Shop- her new item of collection! Then she says "Mom if you were the tooth fairy- where would you hide my tooth?"- I was like, "well I am not the tooth fairy so I don't know". She says she had wanted to take tooth to school to show off and she was sad that she didn't have it anymore! I felt so guilty for playing the role of tooth fairy and taking her tooth. Now I am wondering- should I put the tooth back under her pillow and tell her that the tooth fairy is letting her have it back for a few days to "show off"- because of course- the know all see all tooth fairy heard her say she had wanted to take it to school that day???!!!????!!!!
So without blowing my cover or shattering my daughter's hopes and wishes that the tooth fairy- along with Santa and the Easter Bunny are indeed real- how should I play this, I ponder??? So tonight- the tooth fairy is replacing the precious FIRST TOOTH (on temporary loan of course) so my baby girl can take it to school to show off her lil 6 year old tooth with pride!!!
As I sit here and wait for the perfect time to go in her room as she sleeps- tip toe in there and be oh so quiet as I put her tooth back under her pillow- still in the bag with her contact information written in her lil 6 year old handwriting- I have to say- I love these sweet childhood moments and I love being a mother to two precious awesome kids! They make me so proud and I treasure these moments more than they will ever know! Even though it makes me sad that my baby is growing up and loosing teeth- I thank God each day that she and her brother are happy, healthy, smart kids who are growing up to be such good kids!