Saturday, October 3, 2009

Homecoming Week 2009 in Sperry, Oklahoma

Dustin and I at the parade Saturday! He was a trooper and drove the truck for our float! love Him!

The Bryant kids at the Homecoming football game Friday night!

Dax with his Sperry Pirate hair!

Friday Parade at the school

The kids & I

Last week the small town of Sperry, Oklahoma celebrated Homecoming Week. In Small Oklahoma Homecoming Week represents a time of excitement. School Spirit is set on fire and people come together to celebrate all that is good in a town- the school, their high school football team and the young men and women who were picked as Homecoming Royalty to represent their student body.

Each week there was a theme for grades pre-k through 12th to dress up and have a little fun! Growing in Skiatook I was accustomed to this ritual- we had 60's day, 80's day, cross dress day, backward day and of course my favorite- Spirit Day!!!

In Sperry this year for the elementary- we had- hat day, crazy sock day, favorite shirt day, rocker day and Pirate Spirit Day!

My kids and I have always went ALL OUT dressing up for Homecoming Week. When I was in high school- my friends and I would always make a trip to Goodwill to find the perfect outfits for homecoming week! I am so glad I have passed that school spirit down to my children! They love to participate in all the things at school......good memories!

Dax of course is my Jim Carrey wanna be and he loves to take on a different persona for whatever the event may be! He has tons of fun being the most outlandish student in his grade! Instead of just wearing a hat for hat day- he took his Chicken Hat and his Joker Hat- very funny! Mady loved Crazy Sock Day- she got to wear her hot pink and black zebra print socks she loves so much! For Spirit Day- We got up early and went to Skiatook Wal-Mart to purchase orange, black and white hair color so they could color their before school!!! So there I was in the Skiatook Wal-Mart parking lot spraying color in the kids' hair- crazy I know!!! But they love it and I love making them happy!

The entire school participate in the School Homecoming parade at the end of the school day Friday- my cheer squad got to be in the parade as well as the other cheerleaders, football players and the high school teams and homecoming court.

That evening we took Torie, Cheyenne, Dax and Mady to Homecoming Game- and all the kids had me color their hair the same! They all looked so cute!!! Sperry won their game and it was great time with friends and family!

The next day the Alumni Association hosted a town wide Homecoming Parade. The shriners, alumni, all the elem, jr high and high school football teams and cheer squads were on floats as well as the high school classes and homecoming court! It was a great time to be a Sperry Pirate! Everyone sported their Orange, Black and White and the Pirate Spirit was alive as ever! I was proud to be a part of it and proud my children are part of such a proud town! My cheer squad got to do their dance and then we were off to games in Dewey!

We had a great time and I am so glad they are so proud of their school! Having School Spirit keeps the student, parents and community as a whole involved in their school! I know when I was growing up school spirit was at its highest and it made my childhood as well as teenage years an exciting fun time that I will cherish forever. I can only hope to give my children the same experience throughout their time as a Sperry Pirate!!!

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