Wednesday, November 7, 2012


After a friendly text from my fellow friend & colleague reminding me I should write more...I got the nudge I needed to put something, anything out in the blogosphere! 


WE ARE IN! We moved in mid- August! We got our kitchen "officially" finished mid October and now we just have little things to finish- like trim in the rooms, a few fixtures, etc. And then the outside finishing touches will begin- like porches being poured, driveway, garage, outdoor living space, the FUN STUFF! The kids are so happy- they are constantly proclaiming- our house is "awesome"! The hubs and I feel extremely blessed to OWN our home WITHOUT a mortgage! We have grown closer as a couple and partners in building through this experience! We are such a good team- be it- IVF, building a house, parenting two pre-teens- we just click and make things happen. I love being his wife...

I have to say I feel like that entire process of paying cash to build a house feels like more of an uphill climb up Mount Everest. Carrying a 50 pound bag of dead weight! I feel like some of that weight has been lifted but I still feel some of it weighing on me- until the FINAL touch is FINISHED! I also feel like nearly 2600 square feet was too much- especially now that I have to CLEAN it...which I fail to do as much as I should.
Dream Kitchen


I have been very very fortunate to be working for Oklahoma's #1 Home Builder- Home Creations! I am working a development close to home in Collinsville, OK- Ashbury Park. Believe it or not- I have sold over 40 homes there since January! I cannot even begin to describe how it feels to have such success- not just the monetary part- but helping so many couples, families, single moms, young single lady and gents- become first time home buyers or downsize to their first ever BRAND NEW home. I am blessed beyond measure to know each of these individuals. Building a house can be a grueling process- but I think between myself and my awesome amazing construction team- we do it with class and outstanding customer service! I cannot imagine being anywhere else or doing anything else! I was promoted to the Tulsa Team Leader in September and I am leading my team to great success! We sold 10 homes in 9 days just the past few weeks and we are set to break records in 2013! Just wait and see- the HC girls will make their mark on Tulsa New Home Sales!


My beautiful baby girl- in the middle- My Mady Girl
The kids are full steam ahead in school and sports! Dax had his best football season ever- his first  year as a Middle School ball player- and scored a touchdown and had lots of awesome carries as a starting Fullback...I had many proud mom moments this season! Hes now in my favorite sport- WRESTLING! With his first tournament coming up on 11/17! Cant wait to see him PIN SOMEONE! Mady had a great cheer season and is now in her first tumbling lessons! She is loving it! We are also starting Volleyball for the first time ever in Dec- that should be an adventure. 
My #40 My Dax

I feel like life is flying by and things are just so fast paced these days I don't have time to think! I need to make a goal to set down and write every is so therapeutic. Like reading a novel...which I might add- I have been on a novel hangover since reading Fifty Shades of Grey- THREE TIMES- I haven't been able to get INTO another novel! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

One thing I know for certain right now- I need to learn to "turn it off" like my Hubby says- silence my phone, close the laptop, and just BE! Even if for an hour a day- I need the peace...and break from the worldThere is nothing that cannot wait until tomorrow. 


In St. Thomas- that place was a dream!
Being married is NOT easy. For anyone. If they say it is- they are lying. Period. Life isn't perfect so therefore we struggle, battle, worry, fret and fight through this world together. Sometimes, in a forward motion both in sync, sometimes, one dragging the other kicking and screaming and sometimes just at a stand still trying to figure out where to go from here. Going through the failed IVF definitely was the "lowest of low" in our marriage, not even when it happened- but the emotional backlash- a year even almost two years later, of it all. Sometimes is just so painful, you cannot take it all in- it takes a year or two, just to absorb the pain and disappointment to its fullest extent and except things for what they are- together, apart, as friends, as lovers, as a spouse. Life changes, we go directions we never thought we would- with work and promotions- that your goals as a family have to be re-evaluated. But I have decided that I WANT TO HAVE IT ALL! The husband, the house, the kids, the dogs, the dream job, a baby w/ the man I love...who says I can't have IT ALL? Whatever happens in our IVF Journey- we are doing it- Together- and that's whats most important. I am so thankful for my hubby- he has been my rock through this entire journey and so supportive of my goals and dreams. I love this man, so  much, no matter what. I am the lucky one. 

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