Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Wednesday, February 14, 2007
In Acknowledgement of this lovey dovey mushy gushy DAY!!! Current mood: cheerful Category: Romance and Relationships
Okay so I know most people think that EVERYONE that has SOMEONE on this day we refer to as "Valentine's Day" is just so excited and pumped about the sweet nothings they will soon be whispering in each other's ears declaring their undying love for one another- well I am going to put a little bit of the Crawford girl spin on things and say this- PEOPLE- EVERYDAY SHOULD BE VALENTINE'S DAY!!! It should not take a holiday dubbed by pure legend of a dead Roman Catholic saint to tell the person special to you how much you care for them- better yet- why should you have to tell them- SHOW THEM- EVERYDAY STINKING DAY!!! Life is too short to reserve one solitary day to say- "hey you are special to me and I love you"- Geez- show it- all the time- each time you see them- and if you are lucky enough- your love will be requited- and just holding that person in your arms is better than any $4.00 Valentine's Day card from Wal-Mart could ever be- even a dozen roses (although I do like being sent flowers- on spontaneous occasions)!!!
So okay- I am going to say it- Happy Freaking Valentine's Day to everyone- married, single, divorced, separated, gay and straight! I hope this day goes well for you and you take time out to love someone, tell them, show them, whatever- just remember when you do- to repeat it- the next day, and the next day and the after that and if you are blessed enough- for the rest of your life!
I am fortunate to be spending my normal ritual of Wednesday nights- with "the boy" from Sperry- my Bryant, the friend who was my buddy, then my cuddle partner, then my 30 mile radius friend, then my dating partner and now I am lucky girl and can say- he is my boyfriend! Thanks to months of friendship, lots of fun/ good times, many laughs, and lots of hours spent talking about whether we should or shouldn't become more than just friends- we are now the couple that I used to envy- the "it couple"! I am so glad we are together- I am happy, content, fulfilled and just one blessed girl! My kids are happy- we all laugh together, play together, make fun of each other and sometimes laugh til we cry and in the kids' case- pass gas- yes they do!!! I knew I was right where I needed to be when tonight my son said to him and I "Dustin you are the opposite of my dad- you are funny and nice and my dad is mean and not funny"- for a little boy who is learning about opposites right now in school- he nailed it on the head- and made me see that YES I AM DOING IT- Getting away from the so so and moving on to something completely better and different from my old life- and for that- I am soooo happy and relieved!!! I cant say enough how good it feels to be with someone who understands me, sees me for me and still wants to be with me, sees my kids throw fits and still he is there, laughs with me, holds me when I cry, looks in my eyes all the time, kisses me like its the last time we will kiss- everytime, holds me for hours, dances with me, sings with me, is not scared to be open, doesn't care that I am crazy, doesn't care that I dance with everyone, is NOT JEALOUS, is NOT CONTROLLING, is a good guy, has a good/funny family, spends time with my friends, lightens the mood when I am gripey, loves my kids, and most importantly- is MY BEST FRIEND!!! I can tell him anything even if I know it might be something Im not proud of- I know he is there for me- I am his and he is mine! What more could a girl want for Valentine's Day than that???? I cant think of one thing!
So to all the haters- get off the couch and do something- and to all the lovers- whether you are in love now or not- enjoy your day and eat a piece of chocolate for me!!! And remember- make it last past Valentine's Day- that is real love!!!

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