Thursday, November 2, 2006


Thursday, November 02, 2006
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A few months ago a very dear friend of mine gave me a print out that has a woman looking mean as ever and on it is the phrase "Put on your 'big girl' panties and deal with it!". I never knew how much this phrase would help me get through all the heartbreaking times I have been going through- until the last few days! I have learned to do exactly that- put on my "big girl" panties and deal with it! I am pretty sure that my skin could not be any thicker and my heart could not be any tougher! But one thing I do know is that I am not bitter, nor is my heart too broken to heal and love again and again and again- however many times it takes to find the one who deserves my love! God gave us love to use it- that is His "greatest gift" to us! I refuse to let a broken heart, broken promises, let downs, hurts, betrayal, lies and did I mention a broken heart? GET ME DOWN- I will not do it! Yes I cry, yes I get mad, yes I think about revenge and yes at times I wish things were different- but you know what- they are not and I have to just deal with it, pray about it, know God will take care of me and mine- like He always does- and MOVE ON!!!
So girls the best advice I can give any of you right now is just this-

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