Friday, May 26, 2006


Friday, May 26, 2006
"Of course it is, mom"
I believe I have mentioned several times before how overly clever my 3 year old daughter is BUT really, she just is too clever and a little smarty pants for being only 3, it scares me!!!
SO yesterday morning I took my kids to meet my mom in Tulsa before I went to work and we were listening to the radio!! Well that raggae sounding song "Temperature" came on, and I changed it because frankly, they play the song too much and its getting old!!
When I did my daughter got so upset and shouted that I had just changed "her most favorite song in the world". A few minutes later I changed it back and the song was over and I told her I was sorry that the song was over.....and she says with all the assertiveness in the world "OF COURSE IT IS, MOM, BECAUSE YOU CHANGED IT!!!" and she was mad the entire way to Tulsa.
Daughters.....what I can say....I think I am paying for my raising with her, that is for certain!!!

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