Tuesday, May 9, 2006


Tuesday, May 09, 2006
"Working or Working Out"
Okay, we all desire to have children who are clever, quick witted, smart, outgoing, athletic and beautiful....but what if the clever part is a little too prominent in one child???
That is certainly the case with my 3 year old daughter, Mady, she picks up on any and everything and just states her opinion and synopsis on things 24/7. She pretty much runs our house and she pretty much knows it as well!!
The other day a friend of mine, a stay at home mom, saw Mady at school and asked her what I had been up to.....Mady's reply.....as she shrugs, rolls her eyes, crosses her arms and says with all the power in the world....."Oh my mom, she is so busy, she is either working and working out....all the time, I'm sick of it". YES!!! SHE IS ONLY 3!!!!
So today I run into this mom while dropping Mady off at JOY Preschool and she asks me how work has been going and I tell her how busy I have been and she said she assumed so because Mady had informed everyone how I work all the time or workout all the time and she told me what Mady had said!!
Not only was I shocked at how Mady felt about my working all the time and spending some time in the evening at the gym (now that I work I cant workout during the day like I used to while the kids were at school) but the fact that she has the ability to express her irritation with the change in my schedule!!
So I guess my point is that we might (or shall I say I) might want to rethink all that we wish for in a child, being too smart, means they pick up on your hectic life and are not afraid to voice their opinions about it!!
But I always said I wanted a daughter who would stand up for herself and tell people how she felt, so I guess I got what I wanted, we will see what the future produces for her, maybe she will be an attorney!!

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