Sunday, March 11, 2007



Sunday, March 11, 2007
Humanity Current mood: hopeful
No matter how many times I have been let down, cheated on, lied to and just down right stomped on by people who claim or have claimed to love me- I will never give up the hope that humanity exists within the heart of each and every individual in this world. At times like this- it is so easy to give up hope on the good and let the bad rule your attitude- I refuse to do that! I refuse to let someone else's stupidity steal my joy! I refuse to dwell on the negative effects their choices will have on my children's lives. I refuse to be surprised that once again- a bad choice was made. I refuse to let someone who never deserved my love in the first
place effect my life with his mistakes. I refuse to let my children think the way that person is living is right.
I will continue to cling to the hope that even though some people in this world are clearly NOT capable of living their lives right, moral and in a positive way for their childen- somewhere deep down humanity exists and there is good in everyone- even those who hurt others and live destructive lifestyles!
With this said- I have to add that I am so glad for those people in my life that love me (my kids, Dustin Bryant, Dustin's family, my family, friends and coworkers) and who support me in everything I do! They make this dysfunctional life of mine seem more functional and they add humor, happiness, good times, and love to my life on a daily basis! So to you all- I owe you the world and I love you all dearly!!! You are all a perfect example of humanity at its best!! Bless you all!!!

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