Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Wednesday, May 09, 2007
I absofreakinglutely love him!!!!
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Category: Romance and Relationships
Never in a million years could anyone convince me that this man hating, hard hearted, non trusting, been cheated on, queen of "never getting married again" would stand here today and proclaim that I certainly, 100% absofreakinglutely am in love with the best man in this world (Im beginning to think i snagged the last good guy left on this Earth!).....BUT IT'S TRUE- he is mine and Im pretty sure he will be mine forever and could I have ever have known that the boy that was in front of my face almost every weekend....William Dustin Bryant- the boy from Sperry that started out as my buddy, then my good friend, then my boyfriend would be the person I would end up's funny how God works and how He prepares us to be ready for THE ONE and He does not allow us to see it until He knows we are ready- we were both ready when the time came for us to be more than friends and now it has grown into the most beautiful loving caring relationship and friendship I could ever have dreamed of- seriously something I thought only happened in the movies is now happening to ME- the girl who made sooo many mistakes in my past relationship- married a total loser and spent 7 years in misery trying to make a bad thing better- I AM NOW living a dream- it's just like heaven- and I feel so blessed! My kids and I could not be any more happy than we are right now and I know it will only continue to grow! so to everyone that has been hurt, let down, or just got out of a bad relationship- keep your head up- because it only means the one for you is still out there....and I promise it's the truth- YOU FIND THE ONE WHEN YOU ARE NOT LOOKING AND LEAST EXPECT IT TO HAPPEN!!! I have come full circle in my life- I finally feel complete and I finally feel loved- UNCONDITIONALLY!!! It's good stuff and for that I have to say- AMEN!!!!!

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