Friday, July 13, 2007


Friday, July 13, 2007
November 17 is THE DATE!!!! Current mood: excited Category: Romance and Relationships
Things have been so crazy this last month I haven't even had time to post the best blog I have written in my entire life! so it is official as June 13, 2007 that Dustin Bryant and I are getting married! We set the date for November 17, 2007- hence the reason why I am sooo busy and things have been crazy! this wedding planning business is a mess! We have finally ironed the details for the reception- we are having it at Bridle Creek between Skiatook and Sperry- it is beautiful there! We set up a wedding site- and we are currently working on our growing guest list! I have to say that never in my life I have ever felt so happy and complete! The kids are ecstatic and cannot wait to live with Dustin in his new house! He closed and got all moved in 3 weeks ago and we have been decorating and working on things at his new house too! He lives down the road from his parents- who I love and adore more than words can say! They are so good to my kids and I- I couldn't ask for better in laws! They are truly the best- now I see why Dustin is such a good guy- he has awesome parents! It will be nice to one day have another baby and he or she will have grandparents right down the road- and awesome grandparents at that! I cannot wait to marry him, have kids and grow old with the person who loves me, understands me, listens to me, puts up with me and makes me laugh- UNCONDITIONALLY- no matter what and he is my best friend through and through! Life finally makes sense and I am just peachy, happy and truly blessed to have him and be getting married to him! THe kids and I couldn't have asked for a better man to be in our lives! So for now- I am planning and counting down the days til I become Mrs. Bryant! We picked our wedding song too- "The Day Before You" by Rascal Flatts- it is so us! So check it out! The words to this song say it all!!!!

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