Wednesday, August 2, 2006

AUGUST 2, 2006 "WHO I AM"

Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Many times people are completely misconstrued by outer appearances or other's opinion and let that define who they think a person is....well this is WHO I AM.....
I am a good mother - my children are my EVERYTHING!!!
GOD comes first in my life- the rest falls into place! My Children are my #1 priority- bottom line!
I am there for my friends in good times and bad
I will not tolerate abuse of any kind because I am a survivor of domestic violence!
I surround myself with people who love God & life and want to make the most of it at all times!
I love my parents but they are divorced and we have certainly had our differences.
I think people who obsess over money and material possessions are extremely shallow and I limit the time I spend around them!
I appreciate people for who they are not what they have.
I love people who are HONEST
I will not tolerate liars, cheaters, thieves or bad friends!
I would rather be with a man who is not so hot and intelligent than a good looking with no brains!
I would never not marry for money but I also want someone who can take of himself.
I measure success by accomplishment not material possessions.
I respect people who stand up for what they believe in
I despise drugs
I despise people who do drugs
I do not understand addictions of any kind- my God is stonger than any addiction!
I think we all have the chance to succeed in life- it just takes the initiative to do it!
I am a Christian and I am very spiritual about my beliefs.
I would love to travel to Italy, France and New York
I love art museums
I love the lake
I love to travel
I love Colorado
I love movies- of all kinds
I could not survive without music
I play silly with my children and we thrive on using our imagination
I do not have a TV in my living room- its bad for your brain- that's what I tell my children
I collect books- I have thousands
I collect art
I love to laugh by myself, with friends and especially with my kiddos
I am a "soccer mom", I coach my daughter's cheer squad and soccer team and I never miss a game or practice for either of my children's sports. I am always there with the camcorder and camera!
I love to decorate and buy things for my house from Thrift Store- random items!
I love to take pictures of any and everything
I love having intellectually stimulating conversations with people.
I love to dance
I love being sent flowers, cards or nice notes
I love love
I love someone who is simple
I do not like dramaI do not gossip- if they talk about other with you- they will talk about you to others- remember that! I have a soft heart for special needs childrenI love love babies! I could never own enough pairs of shoesI love to shop with my daughterI am a leader- I love to orgainze events and do fundraisers of any kind! I am very independent! I think my son will be the next Jim Carrey- seriously!
I have a merciful heart- I was the girl who snuck my own clothes to school in first grade and put them in the backpack of the girl who wore the same sometmes dirty clothes to school time and again- and that really made me sad for her! I can't stand mean people
I could never sing in public
My sister is my best friend
and last but not least-
I AM ME and proud of it!

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