Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Wednesday, January 03, 2007
I did it again!!! Current mood: excited
For the regular readers of my famous blog you might remember a few months ago when I posted the blog about being so proud of my single, independent self for putting up a trampoline by myself- well I have to share YET ANOTHER proud single mother moment with all my blog admirers!!!
My daughter's bunk bed has been sitting in her room in pieces for the last two months!
SO tonight I set out on the bunk bed challenge and I am proud to say I had it all put together in less than an hour- using only my two hands! I swear the woman power just consumes me and radiates from my presence!
Even though I do not really promote nor believe in New Year's Resolutions- because let's face it- we all need to be happy with who we are and where we are at right now- the changing of a date cannot miraculously make our problems go away or our butts get any skinnier but I will admit that when I adopted the motto- "New Year- New ME" because I have been through a very rough year! So with that motto in my mind- I took a look at my daughter's bed and my new set of tools- and thought- to heck with waiting on some man or boy to come over and help me! I can do this myself! Geez....I already gave birth to and am raising two awesome children on my own- what could be harder than that?
So with 2007 ahead of me and the frame of mind that I can do anything within my power-I know this year is going to be the best yet!

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