Tuesday, January 30, 2007


dax at veterans day program

mady sock hop day

mady thanksgiving program

dax won two awards for 2nd grade

my sister and I with Dax- he was crown bearer
in Skiatook Wrestling Homecoming 1/30/2007

Tuesday, January 30, 2007
SICK AND TIRED (What it takes to be a REAL parent) Current mood: tired Category: Life
Being a parent involves so many aspects of life. To name the top four- spiritual, emotional, physical and financial support of your children! You cannot pick and choose which of these you want to uphold- you must uphold all of them- or guess what- you are not a good parent! BOTTOM LINE!! If you cannot make time for your children- to be there for them at important events- like watching your son be the crown bearer at homecoming- taking them to their awards banquet- taking them to their games- then GUESS WHAT- YOU ARE NOT A GOOD PARENT!!!! I am sick and tired of the b.s. and of people who think just because their check is being garnished for child support and they pick up their kids every other weekend- they are a good parent!!! NO YOU ARE NOT!!! There is so much more that comes with being a parent- like- staying home with them from work when they are sick- even though youve already used all your sick leave and you know you wont get paid- talking with their teachers on a weekly basis- inviting their friends over for playdates- playing twister until your legs and arms hurt- reading books- singing and dancing to music- praying together- playing together- cheering them on at ALL THEIR SPORTS EVENTS- taking their picture as they get their trophies- hugging them when they are sad- disciplining them when they need it- cooking together- being the parent that has the camera and the camcorder on the front row so you will have memories of your childhood to cherish- respecting their other parent even though you cant stand them- coaching their sports team- showing up to their games- teaching them to have positive attitude- teaching them to share- teaching the that family is the most important thing in this life- teaching them to forgive- sacrificing your happiness to make them happy- swallowing your pride to provide for them- smiling when you just want to cry- making life happen for them day in and day out- putting their happiness before your own-
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY- LOVING THEM EVERYDAY (which means- calling them everyday & being there for their important events)!!!
I am sick and tired of dead beat parents hurting their children- its painful to watch!!! Why have children if you do not want to be a REAL PARENT???

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