Monday, January 8, 2007


Monday, January 08, 2007
After the Storm..... Current mood: pleased Category: Life
So as you all know I bought my first home as a single woman in August. THe house was built in 1952 and along with buying an older home comes older buildings- otherwise known as "sheds". My house sits on an acre and I have 3 sheds that really are on their last leg!!! So after the recents snow storms in DEcember- 2 of 3 of the roofs caved in on these things....and well it is pretty much a mess!! SO Today I just got sick of it and was like "okay it is a new year- 2007- time to clean up messes in my personal life and on my property!". So me, my bare hands and a hammer, hit, tore, pulled, moved and cleared out those 2 buildings- ALL BY MYSELF!!! No work gloves, no fancy tools, no machines or powered saws- just me, my anger, my stress and my woman power- and of course- the hammer and we got the job done! I was so proud that I had to call my best friend T is for Tanya to come see the finished product- she was impressed!! It was so theurapetic!! I have been saying for months that I needed a punching bag but this was far more better- because I was making progress on my yard and that felt good! IT felt good to let it out- it felt good to do something I thought only a man could do- it felt good that every 5 minutes my daughter would stop and say "man mom you are strong"- it felt good that I was showing her that I can do it all- I felt like superwoman!! So I am glad for the storm- glad that I have a project to get my mind off my ocean of stress and worries and mostly I am glad that I can do so many things on my own and without the help of a man- it feels good to clean things up after the storm! 2007 is going to be a great year!!!

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