Monday, September 24, 2007



Monday, September 24, 2007
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I have little time to blog lately with wedding plans, kids, school, work, homework, and my fiancee being out of town working for the last 6 weeks has made things more hectic than usual- taking care of two houses now!!! I felt compelled to drop some lines of inspiration for my devoted blog readers!!! So here it is:
I was watching Oprah the other day ( Imagine that) and Justin Timberlake (who I secretly worship) was on her show. He sang a duet with Reba McEntire titled "The Only Promise That Remains" and WOW!!! I was totally inspired by this song! It's crazy how songs can define who we are, where we at in our lives and makes us think, ponder, live, feel and the words we just cannot get out of our minds- we sing them out loud in the car, in the shower, to our kids and even in our heads at work, school, home- music is such an inspiration! Well here are the lyrics to this song (keep reading- there is a closing to this blog):
When the ground beneath you starts a-shakin'And you forget the place we came fromWhen you're lost and lookin' for you're way homeYou're way home to meI'll come out and find youWhen the world around you starts a-movin'And you should wonder if I still love youIf you feel the darkness comin', risin' insideI'll make a light to guide you back homeAnd after all the sky is fallin' downAnd after all the water's washed awayMy love's the only promise that remainsWhen your doubts have got you thinkin'Nothing's ever really sacredAnd you're afraid you might believe in...Believe in me....And I'll give you a reasonCuz the world around us keeps on movin'And there's no doubt that I still love youSo when you feel the darkness comin', risin' insideI'll make a light to guide you back homeAnd after all the sky is fallin' downAnd after all the water's washed awayMy love's the only promise that remainsMy love's the only promise that remainsMy love's the only promise that remainsAnd after all the sky is fallin' down(After all the sky is fallin' down)And after all the water's washed away(After all the water's washed away)My love's the only promise that remains
First of all when I read the lyrics to this song- I think about God's love and how His love is the entire reason we are all here on this earth and how He is truly the one who makes all the wonderful things happen in our lives! Then I think of the people God put in my life that define the words of this song to me: my children and Dustin Bryant! And then I am overwhelmed- my heart is filled with the love I share with these 3 people- and my cup "runneth over" once again! When I realize- if the sky really did fall down- I would have Dustin Bryant by my side to protect me and my children- us as a family sticking together and protecting one another. This song also touches on being scared to love or doubting love. This is something that any and all people who have ever been hurt or betrayed in their life (most everyone) struggle with from time to time. What a blessing it is to find someone strong enough to lead me back to him when "doubts got me thinking nothing's ever really sacred"........a man that knows who he is and knows who he is with me- and would die for me- give up his life- for me!!! WOW!!! This song also touches on time- and how life goes on and on- time passes- and yet- that person's love is there- IT REMAINS- still untouchable, unscathed- his love is there- when things changes- life carries on- but you still have the same person you love who loves you with their undying unwavoring love!!! It's just awesome to have that!!! Life is so hectic and crazy sometimes and having that person to fall in to- and hold you and listen to you and wipe your tears, give you advice and be there- strong and steadfast! His love makes such a difference in my life- I know he is always there and his love remains day in and day out!!! I have never had that and I never dreamed it was possible to experience this feeling with another human being- I always settled for less than love because I did not believe in true love or soulmates! I had never seen it in my home and I let the world convince me that life could not be a fairy tale and a man and a woman could not be happy and in love together- forever.....BUT I now know that TRUTH- love does exist- and it can be there when the sky falls down, when the earth shakes, when you have doubt, when you lost your way- and having that- is worth every mistake I made to get here!!! Sometimes when I think I am actually going to marry this man- DUSTIN BRYANT- I am just so overwhelmed I cannot do anything but CRY CRY CRY!!! When we got engaged I cried for two straight days- when we told my kids- I cried, his parents, I cried, and pretty much everyone- those were tears of wow, relief, excitement, thankfulness and love- finally it is me that gets her fairy tale- finally it is me that has the man that would save me if the sky was falling down, lead me back home if I was lost, be my light in the dark, catch me when I fall, and never let me forget that the promise of his love will always remain true and strong!
I love finally being able to relate wholly and truly to an awesome love song!! It is definately my "defining" "wow" moment (as Oprah would say)!!!!

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