Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where HE Guides....HE Provides...again and again...

It is no secret that In Vitro Fertilization and all that it entails is a very expensive process. Our insurance does not cover fertility testing, treatments or medication so we are paying for everything completely out of pocket. NO WE ARE NOT RICH!

Hubby and I have sacrificed in many ways to get to this point in our journey. We have sold our camper (which we loved), sold our SUV (which I loved) and put family vacations on the back burner. Instead of putting money towards building our dream home we are putting that off for now and investing in a baby! I always refer back to Suze Orman's motto: "PEOPLE BEFORE THINGS" and I know that financially I am where I need to be.

I just have to say that God has been so good to us throughout this entire process. I found out yesterday that 70% of our medication would be paid for through an AWESOME program called Compassionate Care. They are sponsored by the maker of most fertility meds MDSerono. I found the information online through some of the fertility discussion boards and thought it would be a perfect for us. We met the requirements and are so overjoyed that were approved! Some of our financial burden has been lifted and I am so thankful that I called the number and filled out the app! I have God to thank for guiding me and always always taking care of us in so many ways! I am truly humbled! The Meds will be at my RE doctor's clinic tomorrow and they will overnight them to me Friday. Praise God!

If you are looking into your First round of IVF please give them a call and see if you qualify. 1-866-LETSTRY. It's worth looking into!

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