Thursday, September 23, 2010

Micro What?

If I had a dollar for every time I have been asked WHY we have to do IVF...I think we could easily pay for our fertility meds!

I always have to go into the big spill about having a tubal ligation but since everything is fine with us but my "plumbing" we are eligible for Micro IVF also called Mini IVF. What does Micro IVF mean is another popular question????

Micro IVF is offered at only a select few fertility clinics- none in Oklahoma. It is designed specifically for couples like the Hubby and I who do not need to be pumped full of high power fertility meds to procreate we just need some help getting the sperm to the eggs! Which is exactly what IVF does. With Micro IVF I will take a low dose of fertility meds which means I will not produce as many eggs, but that is fine because my eggs are healthy and Hubby's sperm is healthy so it shouldn't take A LOT of eggs to get that one healthy embryo or maybe two...we will see!

When I discovered Mirco IVF I knew this was the way to go for us. 1- because I hear Fertility Meds make you crazy and I don't help in that department so a low dose will do for me and 2- the cost of Micro IVF is considerably less than the full blown IVF.

Sure we are still dropping around $10k but that number looks better to me than $20k.

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