Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let The Testing Begin

I know I know, I already have two kids, I should know all about how this baby making stuff works. After doing a crash course of IVF- let me tell you- I knew very little leading up to this point.

Just to get the go ahead to do IVF you have to undergo a few tests. Well, not a few, ALOT! Starting with blood work. Not just normal blood work but specific blood work in addition to both of us having a full CBC and getting tested for every genetic or sexually transmitted disease under the sun. The specific blood work is when things get a little confusing for me as a female.

Let's talk FSH- Follicle Stimulating Hormone- this is a BIG DEAL in the world of IVF. This determines how "young and fertile" your eggs are and how healthy your follices are. Your FSH can only be measured correctly on the 3rd day of your cycle. To let you know how clueless I was about everything- I had to ask my nurse the dumb question- "when is the 3rd day of my cycle?". Um that would be the third day of your period for those other reproductive challenged folks out there. the magic number for FSH greatness is any number below 6 above 1. I am a lucky 5! This means you will stimulate easily or normally when you undergo fertility medications. There are also is another test that coincides with FSH and determines your egg quality it is called Estradiol. This test determine what shape your Ovarian Reserve is in. They want the numbers below 80 and mine is 64. Looks I passed the blood work test with flying colors- praise the Lord!

Just to whine a little- the blood lab chic poked me 7 times, blew 3 veins and bruised me in three places to get the 14 VIALS of blood they needed for all the testing! Not for the faint at heart! Be prepared future IVFers- get those veins plumped up!

Then comes the FUS test- this is a fluid ultrasound of your uterus and uterine wall cavity. Being the challenged individual that I am I had to research this a little more to understand exactly where they would be putting a catheter and inserting fluid for an ultrasound. The research scared me to death- it looked very invasive and very painful...and IT WAS! BUT all was well with uterus and uterine cavity and the doc said he was impressed because I had had two children before and there were no scars in that area from C-Sections or carrying a babies! WOO HOO! Great news!

Then came basic physicals saying we are healthy enough to do IVF and of course a normal pap- that was cake! Check Check- we are healthy and ready!

Lastly, but the first test that we did because the hubby could go anytime to do his- he doesn't have to work around a "cycle"- the Semen Analysis. He had to do the test because he has no children- which he says- he took preventative measures NOT to have children UNTIL he was married- what a smart man! Let's just say- his swimmers are above average! His numbers were off the charts and right on target for baby making! YAY Hubby! (I'm sure he's going to love this blog).

So we conquered all the testing and we were overjoyed that everything came back normal! Truly an answer to prayers! Who knew how important all these numbers and crazy terms were to make a baby?!?! I am thankful that our chances of a successful IVF are excellent and I am counting down the days (46) to Vegas...BABY!

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