Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Is there an IVF Value Menu?!?!

I was texting back and forth with a fellow IVFer the other day and we were discussing the different protocols for IVF. She seemed a bit frustrated about her protocol and jokingly stated that she wished there was a menu to pick from for IVF. We are both Micro IVFers and with that comment I began thinking to myself how I wish there was a Value Menu for IVF. A little of this, a bit more of that and all with the full blown IVF results. Fairytaleitis right? I mean when you are a SELF PAY IVF patient...the cost is VERY real! Why can't there be a Dollar Menu at least for the meds?

Seriously though, it is amazing the wide array of protocols for infertile women undergoing IVF. The different Stimulation meds, steroids, shots, pills are very overwhelming. Not only are there different types of meds but there is a huge different in the dosage amounts ranging from large to small doses. I am fortunate to be "good responder" and small doses work just swell for me! Since I did Micro I was on the Micro dose of Gonal F for my stims. My HCG Trigger Shot was pretty painful in the arm but obviously it did its job producing 15 eggs.

The Sher Institute has their protocols down to an art and they know what you need. Hence the extensive blood work you must undergo before starting your cycle. I love that they keep you on meds following your Egg Retrieval. Progesterone in Oil shots in the hip are torturous and the vaginal suppositories also no fun but each of these help with egg implantation and that's what we want in the end! So Bring It On!

Although our next cycle is 7 months away I am already looking forward to getting down to business with the shots and meds and making this baby! I always like to hear about others' protocols if you feel like sharing feel free to comment below or email me at Or if you just want to vent about how sick you are of your meds and shots- I am always an open ear and heart to my fellow IVF Heroes.


  1. I'm always amazed by the differences too! i was looking at your side bar and your meds and i took all different meds! I responded to low doses too, thank goodness, but my trigger shot went in my hip (like the PIO) and it was painful, but I think it did the trick too!! I'm glad you're already getting excited!! i'm excited for you!

  2. It's strange isn't it? Especially since we are Micro patient from the same RE. My arm was soooo sore for nearly a week after the trigger shot- I couldn't even sleep on that side! Wow!