Friday, October 22, 2010

"Acting a FOOL!"

So today is DAY ONE of my meds...I started my Lupron injection and steroid this morning.

Lupron is injected using an insulin syringe into either your stomach or upper thigh. This medication suppresses your Pituitary Glands so the docs can later give you meds to manipulate your system as they want or need to. I hear that the main side effects are menopausal symptoms like hot sweats, etc. So far so good! I am still feeling normal today! Praise Jesus!

The steroid Dexamethasone is a tablet. It also suppresses. But this time my immune system. This is to ensure that when they implant the embryo(s) that my body does not reject them thinking they are a foreign invader of some kind. I am thinking this will make me feel the worse just because I will be suseptible to more ailments and illness since my Immune System will be no more for a while. The main side effects are swelling, water retention, sleeplessness and night sweats. Sounds fun huh?

NOW let's talk SHOTS! Ummm....yeah....I pretty much ACTED A FOOL this morning! Thank God my mom was here visiting and pretty much had to take over and just stick me before I had a nervous breakdown right there in my kitchen with syringe in one hand and my stomach fat for the injection in the other. It was quite a sight I am certain! The chaos went on for nearly 30 minutes. I would countdown 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....I CANT DO IT! Then I actually pricked myself a few times for practice and that made it worse! I told my mom I was scared I would slap her if she gave it to me and actually screamed a few times when she came at me with the needle. There were tears and we even got the giggles. It was just out of control.

Just the idea of sticking myself with a needle was overwhelming to me this morning! I am hoping that I get better at it because I would hate for my hubby to have to give me all my shots from here on...he leaves for work at like 5:30 so getting up that early just get shot in the stomach just does not appeal to me!

I really thought I was going to be a BIG GIRL and do this! My mom even said one time "okay if you are going to do this yourself you need to put on your BIG GIRL PANTIES and just do it!". Thankfully, because of my mom's illnesses she is well practiced in giving shots and as soon as she stuck me it was over in like one second, didn't even hurt and I felt like the biggest BABY and FOOL! Geez! I am really praying this gets better and I can overcome this fear of sticking myself because I know I have been through worse physically and done worse- I mean I have had TWO KIDS! This is nothing compared to that business!

Hoping tomorrow morning I do not act fool with the hubby...he might rethink this whole baby thing...LOL

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