Friday, October 29, 2010

One Week In

Here I week in...on fertility meds. Quite honestly I am surprised I have not transformed into a mad woman but there have certainly been side effects I am not fond of. I have also stopped using the birth control pill as of Tuesday (which did cause some major mood swings) and Aunt Flow has come to visit me. She hasn't been to town since August because of the BCP so it's not been a fun last few days. I am ready for her to leave! Thanks!

So let's talk meds and side effects.

Dexamethasone: my daily steroid I take in the morning. Bloating, cravings and sleeplessness are the main side effects. I have had a little all of three but nothing major. I have had two sleepless nights. I think my cravings might be caused mainly by Aunt Flow. But I am determined to continue my weight loss so I am keeping all that eating under control!

Lupron: my morning injection of hormones. YES I do get hot flashes and I feel dry and thirsty pretty much 24/7. At church last Sunday I was in hot flash city, thankfully the Bulletin program came in handy and was my fan all during church and lunch. A friend of mine and her mom were actually chuckling at me during lunch because they knew what I was going through. I am doing my best not to become a sweat ball so this nice cool Fall weather is very welcomed at my house! I have been increasingly tired and I feel like by 5:00 I have HIT THE WALL for the day and the couch is calling my name! But usually my workout curves most of this.

I still cannot give myself my shots but Hubby has been a TOTAL TROOPER and gives me my shot every morning before he goes to work. We've gotten over any little bumps and he is confident and a shot giving pro now! I am super thankful and proud of him! I love him dearly!

Amidst the hormones, hot sweats & tiredness my son broke his arm Tuesday at school. I was very proud that I did not have an emotional break down. But I have to admit after 4 hours at the hospital going through xrays and waiting to get a cast, that doctors office was getting smaller and smaller and the bickering back and forth between my two children was quickly wearing thin on my patience. Thankfully their dad showed up the last half hour for the casting and the kids starting behaving better. Whew! Never thought I'd be glad to see my ex husband but that day...I WAS! Dax chose a PINK cast for Breast Cancer Awareness...that made me super proud! I have awesome kids!

I got up at 5:30 this morning and drove to Owasso to get my E2 Level blood work done. I was back by 6:45 and the kids got home from their overnight visit with their dad at 7:00. So I am patiently waiting the results of that STAT lab work and hoping for good numbers. I am not sure what it means if the numbers are not good and I hope I don't have to find out. But things seem to be rocking along quite normally and for that I am entirely grateful. My prayers have daily been focused on asking for God's will in this entire situation. It really calms me knowing He is in control and His will be done in this no matter what the outcome.

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