Saturday, October 30, 2010

Horrific CRAMPS with a side of HOT FLASHES

Okay all you guys- close your eyes if you don't like hearing about the ugly truths pertaining to Menstrual Cycles!

So my RE put me on birth control in September to control my cycles and time it perfect for my IVF. I skipped my period that should have came the first week of October because they have you stay on the active pills until they are ready for Aunt Flow to come visit. Well my last BCP was Tuesday evening. On my IVF calendar it said to expect my period on Thursday or Friday so I was thrilled when it came right on time Thursday evening. No big deal just some spotting, then medium flow Friday, some cramping started Friday evening but at 4 this morning OH MY DEAR AUNT MOLLY the cramping was UNREAL! Seriously I thought I was going to throw up the pain was so intense!

I woke my hubby at 4 am and he made me a make shift heat pad by heating up a hand towel and putting it in plastic bag. We repeated this process every 15 minutes until he left for work at 6 am. I finally went to sleep at 6:30 and was relieved beyond all relief when I woke up at 9:00 am pain free!

WOWZER! I cannot get over how intense the cramping was. I thought I was probably passing blood clots but they have yet to be found. I have no idea what the pain was all about but a little warning or notice would have been nice so I could have at least invested in some Pamprin or Midol beforehand.

To make matters worse- I wanted to stay warm because the cold only make the cramping worse and I was having HOT FLASHES at the same time so I just stayed covered up sweating my life away. I hope this was the worst of Aunt Flow and I also hope this is the last of her I have to see for another 10 months!

I keep reminding myself this will all pay off in the end and how blessed I am to be able to afford and go through this process! I am sure God thought I was dying this morning when He heard the prayers coming from me! ;) Thanks for giving me relief...not sure I could handle that kind of pain all day long!

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