Saturday, October 2, 2010

"HE slash SHE"

Yesterday after school my children were moping around about going to their dads for the weekend. Of course the usual comments were made "I don't want to go" and "Why can't we just stay home?". Then Dax looks at me like he had a sudden epiphany of the century and says, "I already feel sorry for my little brother or sister, when we have to go to our dads for the weekends, HE slash SHE will be lonely without US!". Then Mady replies, "No HE slash SHE won't, we will be like ten years older than HE slash SHE so it won't even notice we are gone".

Oh geez, I had to laugh out loud. Not only at the "he slash she" verbiage but also at the fact that the kids are already thinking about he slash she. Dax is constantly saying things like "I can't wait to be the oldest of 3 and mentor of 2" and Mady "I hope you have a girl, I want a sister"then she will retract and say "Never mind I don't want to share my shopping budget with another girl" same for Dax with the brother, he wants a "little buddy"!

The fact that my kids will be older siblings makes me even more excited about the possibility of having a baby. They will be such great role models and love he slash she so much! I can't wait to add another awesome kiddo to my bunch, especially a BRYANT one!

Honestly, what I wanted to reply to the he slash she comment was that, "Don't worry he slash she will have a good time getting into all your things in your bedrooms while you are gone!". Oh the days I remember when my younger siblings would do the same to me! BUT I don't to diminish their hopes of the perfect sibling trio so I will keep those thoughts to myself!

Ultimately I cannot wait until he slash she is a reality for our family and I am sure he slash she will miss it's older siblings every other weekend but it won't be lonely- it will have LOTS of LOVE!

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