Sunday, October 17, 2010

My last days of "Normalcy"

I am closing in on the beginning of my fertility meds...I am looking at this week as my last week as a "normal" person (which could be debatable by some lol). I have to admit that the Hubby and I went out to eat Saturday and I enjoyed a frozen margarita because I knew it might be last for a loooong while! I have lost 11 pounds and I am still hoping to lose 10 more before I leave in 21 days. This week will be quite busy- Monday is the Fall Party at the kids' school and I have, of course, volunteered to decorate, read stories and clean up so my entire day will be packed. Tuesday I plan to get ready for a garage sale we are having at my sisters house Thursday and Friday, Wednesday I am working at the church and Thursday and Friday I am working the garage sale. So this week of having normal hormone levels will fly by, which is good thing since the Hubby will be gone again this week (thankfully his last week to work out of town).

I plan to enjoy my time with the kiddos as much as I can...I am already dreading leaving them for 11 days but I know they will be fine with their dad and having a baby is what we ALL want so we are all okay with it! I have forewarned them about the medications (see the picture- my son's reaction to the large amounts of meds is priceless) and they have promised to help me all they can and be on their best behavior throughout this process. I have such amazing kids they really are THE BEST just like My Hubby! I love love love them!

Friday I start Lupron, which is the hormone they give to women who are going into menopause. I also start a steroid called dexamethasone. I think my diet and exercise will help curve the negative side effects of both of these medications. I am a little apprehensive because my Hubby will be out of town working Friday so I will be giving myself my FIRST Lupron injection in the tummy! I am trying to get my mind right all week so I don't chicken out and have to ask for help! This is our journey and I really do not want to impose on family or friends especially while packing a syringe! SO please be praying for me Friday morning as I give myself this shot...I plan to put on my big girl panties and JUST DO IT!!!!

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