Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The BIRDS and the BEES

My kids are at "that age" where you don't really want to have the birds and bees talk but they are smart enough and inquisitive enough to want to know the details of IVF...so I am stuck explaining to them in the most scientific of terms about the "sperm" meeting the "egg" in the petri dish and so forth. I suppose this is less uncomfortable than the "other version" of the birds and the bees. A questions has arose from my children, as from many other people, "what if you put in two eggs?" my response is always "then we might have twins".

I was at the school PTO "Thrills and Chills" party last night and one of my daughter's friends comes up to me and says "You might be having twins if they put in two eggs when you go to Vegas to have a baby". I had to laugh! This was so verbatim from Mady's mouth I am certain of it. The little girl was so innocent, sweet and matter of fact in the way she said it that I could think of no other reply than "you are right- I might!".

This really got me thinking that my 3rd grader was inadvertently giving our "IVF Birds and Bees" talk to her friends at school. I am not sure how some parents might feel about this and I am hoping that not all her friends think this is the only way of conception. Or that a trip to Vegas constitutes getting pregnant with twins! I can only imagine the phone calls I might receive from some inquisitive parents who do not already know about my IVF Journey and whose child comes home telling them I might been having twins if we put in two eggs when we go to Vegas!

Oh the joys of motherhood and the innocence of childhood!

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