Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fertile Thoughts

I am ecstatic to announce to my fellow readers that I have lost 6 pounds since starting my IVF Diet 10 days ago! Weight loss is so funny- it is always so easy to gain the weight and always ever so hard to lose. This time around, compared to when I lost 80 pounds after having my daughter, it is much harder and easier at the same time. Even though I was just 22 when I lost it with her and the weight just fell off I was losing it for different reasons that I am now. I was still able to eat what I wanted as long I ran and worked out on a daily. Let's face it I am almost 31 now and losing weight is hard! It's not about diet and exercise as much as it is about lifestyle and setting goals!

This time around I am 100% focused on my goal- which is to be the healthiest I can possibly be before we do IVF to increase our chances of success! It's not just about weight loss it's about living healthy. I have changed my way of thinking about food, exercise and taking care of myself. I have changed my eating habits, sleeping habits, thinking habits and increased my exercise level. I am committed to only drinking water, cutting out meat, junk food of any kind and thinking organic all the way! From Shampoo to Food it is all natural! It is very hard to fix one thing for my family for dinner and watch them eat it while eat a protein packed salad! BUT as long as I keep it yummy I know I will be fine with it!

I am amazed at the results. For the first week I felt like I was literally going to starve to death but after the first week my body has adjusted to smaller portions, healthier food and a new way of living! We have 35 days until I leave for Vegas and I plan to lose 10 more this rate I am thinking it will be more! I truly have never felt better! I am keeping focused on my goal with fertile thoughts at the forefront!

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