Friday, November 19, 2010

2 Perfect Embabies!!!!

After a whirlwind of a week...and everything get moved up a day- we got the call Wednesday morning- our anniversary- that we were all set for transfer! At first it was at 11:00 then they changed it to 3:30. Hubby and I were at a loss for things to do- we had literally been everywhere and seen everything in Vegas! So we went to see a movie! HA! We thought we needed a good laugh so we opted for Due Date- it was hilarious and just what the doctor ordered! We had a great lunch at TGIFridays then headed to Sher's office. (Pic of me right before the transfer).

He seemed very pleased with our little babies and said they were perfect. The Egg Transfer was like wham bam thank you ma'am all of ten minutes tops! It was uncomfortable but not painful. They gave us a picture of our two perfect blastocysts! That really gave me a peace of mind- because they do look amazing- the cells are plentiful and that's what we want for good "stick" quality! They just need my uterus to get nestled into and grow grow grow!

Doctor's orders are 24 hours of bed rest, can't lift anything over 10 pounds for two weeks, can't do anything strenuous for two weeks (the no ponytail bob order is still in effect people) and no intercourse for two weeks- Hubby was sad about that one- LOL! I am trying not to worry about what my house is going to look like at the end of this two weeks. With two kids, two dogs and a hubby- things quickly get out of control if I take just ONE DAY off- imagine 14? YIKES!

I was a little apprehensive that the transfer was so late in the day- since they recommend 24 hours of bed rest and we were flying out first thing in the morning. But I went to the hotel and went right to bed and only got up to pee! Hubby had to finish all the packing and getting thing ready to leave- have I mentioned lately that he is the absolute best? Well HE IS! :) We left at 5:30 in the morning and headed to the airport- there was some confusion at check out but after waiting in line an hour and a half we got it straightened out as I tried my best NOT get worked up or stressed out!

We had a 2 1/2 hour layover in LAX, we ate lunch and I layed down in the lobby chairs and took a nap- bed rest right? The flight to Oklahoma seemed like forever! I did my best to rest but the seats in that plane were not sufficient for resting! I was never so happy to the see midwest in my life and before we knew it- we were flying over Skiatook Lake, I could see the dam, Cross Timbers, my in laws house then Skiatook! Yay for HOME! HOME SWEET HOME! I love you! I was so ready to get off that plane and see my babies! As we walked through the terminal I got a glimpse of my Dax and the tears come flooding! By the time I got to my kids, mom and sister I was sobbing! Emotions that there are no words to describe! I missed them so much...I hope I am never away from them this long again in their entire life! Just sayin'!

Daxon said the picture of the babies looked like two "fuzz balls" LOL! The kids are being so sweet and considerate when it comes to me being pregnant. They are just awesome kids and I love them so much! I kept them home from school today so we could have some extra cuddle time! They will be back with their dad next week for Thanksgiving so I am cherishing every minute with them that I can!

I am scheduled for my BETA blood test on November 29th- we will know if the babies "stuck" or not. I am confident that the little fighters are growing and healthy as can be! So please keep praying for us and our little babies- that they grow grow grow! Thank you everyone- what a journey this has been so far! Wow! We are so thankful for the blessing we got and honestly- because we are Christians- we were concerned about having too many good embryos and not being able to use all of them- and what the right thing would be to do with them. God took care of that for worries now- we got the PERFECT TWO! Thank you God for taking care of us once again!

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  1. Amen girl - Those babies are fuzzy beautiful and complete baby and life already. As believers we believe this and yet are so in awe that God has allowed the knowledge and blessed so many little lives through this process! Overwhelming. He is amazing - and the two of you are as well. Bless you!Heather Westover