Sunday, November 14, 2010

73 Shots Later Equals New Found Heroes

I try my hardest to be upbeat and positive no matter what the situation. I admit I have my downfalls when I just want to complain and whine about everything. But mostly I keep that attitude in check and pray through whatever it is that is causing me to have the whine syndrome. That being said, I need to whine and complain a little bit- just to get it off my chest!

First of all, I want to say that all you IVF and IUI moms and women out there are now my new found heroes. I have talked to many women who have been through 1, 2, 3 or more IVF cycles. I do not know how you do it. This is HARD STUFF there is nothing easy about the shots, the hormones, the emotions, the retrieval, the bloating, the discomfort, the waiting, the waiting, the transfer....and the waiting. I think if I did not have my hubby, family, friends and God I would probably cry everyday. Luckily I have only cried a handful of times but I do have to admit I get misty eyed more often these days due to the hormone injections and high emotions.

I counted today and so far I have received 73 shots either in the tummy, thigh, arm or hip. Hands down the Progesterone in Oil shots that I started the night of the retrieval are the most painful horrible awful shots EVER! My Hubby deserves the medal of honor for being such a trooper about the shot giving and always being positive when I feel like I just can't take another shot! The PIO shot is supposed to help my uterine lining thicken because IVF shots can thin it out. This will prevent miscarriage so I am doing them and I am going to do it with a thankful heart! This shot continues until I am 8 weeks pregnant...Lord give me strength! Right now both my hips are so sore I cannot even sit down without cringing. (see pic of my hubby getting ready to give me a shot)

Also this bloating and discomfort is for the birds! My ovaries are so swollen you can actually see them protruding from my stomach. At first I was scared maybe I had Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome but I am still peeing, pooping okay and I am not retaining water so I think it is just because I had 24 Follices and they are now filled with fluid which takes 7-10 days to leave your system. Wow! I look huge! How do women work before, during or after IVF? I cannot imagine! You cannot even wear your clothes. Prior to the retrieval I looked about 3 months pregnant and now I look about 5 months. I told Hubby its a good preview at what I might look like in the months to come! ;) I have to pee every 5 minutes and it hurts like I am going to burst every time! The burping and passing gas is out of control- my poor Hubby and in laws- I am so glad they love me and don't mind my issues!

I did the Micro shots of stimulation meds (although with my amount of eggs you wouldn't think so) so my hormones and emotions were not too bad but I could certainly tell my patience wearing thin with my kiddos. I really did feel bad for's like one day your mom is one person and the next day she wakes up and she's Roseanne Barr on crack! I am certain this time apart they have found a new love and respect for me regardless of how I was acting when I left. So I am at peace about that behavior however rash and uncalled for. I was totally open and honest with them about the shots and how they made me feel so maybe they took it with a grain a salt. I can only hope. For all you IVFers and infertility warriors who did the full blown stem shots and meds- you rock and you amaze me!

After all the yucky symptoms, side effect, aches, pains and shots I have to say I am still so very thankful for the experience and to have 11 healthy embryos growing! Yes we got our FERT report today and 11 of the 13 have made it to the next stage of growth. The nurse said 5 are growing on track and are almost ready now. We are planning our Egg Transfer on Tuesday November 16th. The day after my birthday and before our 3 year anniversary. We are so blessed and we know it! I cannot wait to be home and pregnant (hopefully with twin Bryant Babies).

We are still having a good time in Vegas with my in laws! I hate to see them go tomorrow. (see pic of my hubby and I at Hard Rock Cafe today). We've taken in lots of sights and yummy food!

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  1. I just found your blog through searching online--so easy! I just completed my first IVF and let me just tell you that you echoed so many of my thoughts! Those PIO shots are terrible, and I was supposed to take them until heartbeat (I'm pg, but no heartbeat yet, maybe tomorrow), but I couldn't keep them up. They gave me an alternative, just so you know, if you do get to that point there are alternatives. Also, I had the OHSS, and I was still peeing, going #2, etc, I was just in a lot of pain and fluid was pooling my stomach, they had to go in and drain it, so if you're really uncomfortable, get them to check it, I almost waited too long and it would've made us miss transfer (they drained 2 days b/f transfer). I did the micro too and stimmed 32 eggs! Thank goodness I didn't do a regular cycle!! Sounds like you were in the same boat! If you want to chat at all about this process, our situations sound similar in the IVF part, feel free to email me! This was my first IVF, and I'm wishing you good luck!!!