Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lucky Number 13 & Yoga at 2 am!

What a whirlwind week! I cannot believe tomorrow will already be one week in Vegas- it is flying by! I am having a blast but I am missing my kids and my dogs soooo bad! I cannot wait to see them and give them love!

I am so enjoying my in laws and hubby being here. Our Egg Retrieval went smoothly Thursday morning. I picked Hubby and in laws up from the airport and we went straight to Dr. Sher's office. We were in and out in an hour. We had 14 mature eggs out of my 24 follices. He was very happy with the results. I spent the afternoon resting and we had a great dinner that night at the hotel. I was pretty sore, bloated and crampy but nothing too bad. I started my Progesterone in Oil shots that night- which are very painful and in the hip- I have to do them until I am 8 weeks pregnant- OUCHEY! I am trying not to be such a whiny baby I mean I have had two kids so I can handle A LOT- right?

The next morning we were off and running bright and early. We went to Hoover Dam- which was awesome and beautiful! Being surrounded by such amazing scenery makes me feel close to God- He has created an amazing Earth for us to live on! I am thankful and humbled by it! We also saw 3 REAL monks there- like in robes and scandals- but they were carrying around probably a $2000 Nikon Camera- I thought Monks did not have care about material possessions? Hhhhmmmm.....

Then we went to Pawn Stars and they were filming and we got to see Rick- way awesome! We had a nice lunch at Planet Hollywood at Caesar's Palace. My nurse called with our Embryo report and was please to announce that 13 out of 14 of our eggs had fertilized. She said we will take tomorrow off- meaning there will be no new news then we will hear from her Sunday morning on how they are growing and if we will do Egg Transfer on Sunday or Tuesday. That evening we hit Fremont Street- which was WOW! It is the older part of Vegas but very very neat! The street has a screen over the top that puts on a light show to music. We saw a lot of very interesting people dressed up and some dressed way down. Vegas is a really unique place! Then we had a yummy dinner at Landry's- love their seafood! The main side effects for the day were discomfort from being bloated and gassy! My nurse said that my ovaries are swollen and taking up more room than usual which causes everything else to feel cramped. I also have to pee every 5 minutes! Which is very interesting when you are walking around and scrambling to find the nearest restroom. She also warned me that the PIO shot could cause constipation so be sure to get Metamucil- which we did at the pharmacy on Fremont Street- the one thing we bought! haha!

Last night was very rough. I woke up at 2 in the morning in excruciating pain! Honestly, I felt like I needed to pass gas for about an hour and I would be fine! At one point I was so desperate for relief I was doing YOGA in the bathroom just to get things moving! What a sight that was I am sure! I was in pain for about 2 hours before I finally got some relief- two Gatorades, two Gas X's and some Metamucil later I was asleep. And yes the PIO shot before in the other hip was horrible- so now both hips are super sore and tender...I am tough...I am tough...I will not be a gripey whiner! Okay...I feel better now...

This morning after a yummy buffet breakfast- which I kept high protein so I could have a BM- which I did successfully after breakfast- I have never been so happy to poop in my entire life! Relief AT LAST! We were out the door at 10 am headed to the MGM Grand. We did CSI: The Experience...very neat we had a good time! My mom in law loves that show- I am glad we got to do that with her! Then we walked what seemed like 5 miles from the MGM to The Venetian in hopes of buying Blue Man Group tickets- we were not up for paying $150 to see them so we are currently on a search for cheaper tix! We had a yummy lunch at The Venetian! A Tuna Wrap for me- then I had to treat myself to a slice of Mousse cake- it was heavenly! I am still feeling bloated but its not painful. I think I look like I am 5 months preggo! I swear! After searching online a bit I read on some discussions boards that after your Egg Retrieval your Follices fill up with fluid that can golf ball sized- in my case- that is 24 golf balls! So I am not alone in this discomfort, swollen, bloated, gassy, constipated feat post Egg Retrieval.

I just really hope it all gets straightened out BEFORE Egg Transfer- I cannot imagine being preggo and dealing with these symptoms simultaneously! I am praying for healing and relief- like ASAP!

All in all we have a great fantastic blessed Micro IVF Cycle- I am super blessed and thankful- gas and all! I am praying we have 6 good Embryos out of the 13- so we can Transfer 2 and freeze 4 if we need them in the future. I am so thankful God has allowed this process to be so successful for us!

Vegas is amazing and I have only seen one transvestite! That was quite a sight! You don't see one of those everyday in Oklahoma...thank goodness!

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  1. Love you girl, praying all the gas and bloating ends very soon and that everything continues on smoothly and successfully.

    I'm glad you are with your family and enjoying some of the sights.

    See you when you get home!!