Monday, November 22, 2010

A Little Thankful List

In my quest to stay positive and approach things with a thankful peaceful heart I am blogging today about ALL the things in my life I have to be THANKFUL FOR! When you sit back and think about it most of us are blessed with an overabundance of blessings in our life that mostly we don't even realize.

Here's my list:

1- God for giving his Son so I can be forgiven when I sin and fall short of His glory and grace.
2- My awesome kiddos- Dax and Mady- they are the light of my life. They make me happy and a better person everyday.
3- My Hubby- is so wonderful and I am so in love with him- there are not words to describe the blessing he is to my life. I love him.
4- My sister- she just gets it- she understands me and is always there for me. Thanks to her I don't have to mess with the girl drama of having a BFF- she is my BFF and I love her dearly.
5- My family- mom, brother, grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins- I have many awesome people in the mix who bring special blessings to my life- they are all amazing! Love them immensely!
5- My Hubby's family- they are awesome- they make me laugh and they are truly genuine good people. I am blessed to be a part of that family. My in laws are an amazing couple who have been married for 31 years and I love it that they are still so crazy about each other.
6- My Church- it's an amazing place filled with amazing people who love God and are loving, caring, prayerful, giving people. I am lifted up by being a part of such an awesome church family.
7- My Home- its affordable, efficient and perfect for us right now. I am praying it will be an life changing investment for our future.
8- My friends- I have an awesome support system of friends. I know I can call at the drop of a hat and I know they have my back. They are prayer warriors and I am certain their prayers have changed the course of my life for the better a time or two.
9- Our truck and car- they are paid for- and for that I am thankful! The car gets awesome gas mileage which makes me smile every time I drive her :)
10- Books- because I can escape and go anywhere with them.
11- The Bible- it gives me solace and peace in times of turmoil and reasons to celebrate in times of uplifting.
12- My health....basically I am glad to be healthy in every way possible!
13- My family's health- thankfully we are happy and healthy right now!
14- IVF- for giving Hubby and I a shot at being parents together- God is in control here...
15- My doggies- they are always happy to see me and I am always to see them- they love me even when I'm a mess! The most loyal little four legged friends ever!
16- Pretty weather- I love opening the windows at my house and letting the fresh air stream through- those are my favorite days.
17- Football season- it's just fun- especially when your team is winning.
18- The Holidays- sure they can be stressful- but I so enjoy the food, fellowship, family and of course watching the kids enjoy their gifts.
19- Naps- here lately I cannot get enough of these in- so I am thankful for these wonderful little gifts in the middle of my day.
20- My bed- we call it the THE CLOUD- its awesome, so amazingly comfortable and wonderful in every way. One of the best investments the hubby and I have ever made.
21- Facebook- its a great way to pass the time and keep up with friends and family. I love it!
22- DVR- God made this for busy moms who can't spend time in front of the TV but enjoy certain shows and must be able to fast forward through commercials...
23- My ex-husband- I know sounds weird but he did help me create two awesome kids. My relationship with him taught me a lot about myself and how I will never let someone abuse me or control me ever again. How being happy with someone is so important and life is too short for misery. If he were not in my life I would not be constantly reminded of God's grace, mercy and my need to for patience, forgiveness and tolerance. I believe being forced to utilize these skills makes me a better person.
24- Music- it heals the soul and calms the beast and I love me some music of ALL kinds!
25- Pictures/My Camera- I am totally obsessed with taking pictures! I love doing it and I love capturing so many moments with people I love!
26- Memories- I have lost many people I love and memories are all I have left of them (and my quilt that my Mama made me that I sleep with every night)- I am so thankful for those memories and mementos- I treasure them and keep them in a special place in my heart.
27- Cherry Berry and Blue Bell Ice Cream- come one who doesn't love these? I am thankful for their yummy existence.
28- Exercise especially running- it helps relieve any stress or burden...sweat it away! Awe! Can't wait to get back into the routine again!
29- Prayers/Prayer Warriors- we all do it, we all need it and we all know it changes things...I am thankful for its power!
30- Blogging- I like to just put it out there- it's therapeutic for me to keep it real and write it out to get it off my chest. Sure I have made some people mad from time to time but I guess in life we can expect to ruffle some feather because God made us all differently and we won't all agree all the time- and that's okay as long as you know no matter you say or do- my thoughts/opinions/beliefs/convictions will mostly likely NOT change so don't waste your breathe/time/money to try to do so- you will fail. Just embrace me for who I am and if you don't like me or what I write- then do not visit my blog :)

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