Tuesday, November 16, 2010

6 Day Egg Transfer

Okay so today we were thrown a curve ball. We were all set to transfer our eggs today and nurse called this morning and said we will "probably" be doing a 6 day transfer because 4 of our top embryos have not fully reached blastocyst (the best growth rate for egg implantation) stage yet but they are at pre-blast stage which is good. Then she added IF none make it to blast they will cancel the cycle- WHAT?

Let me vent: many many many women have 4-6-8-10 cell embryos (not even blastocyst yet) transferred on either day 3 or day 5 and get pregnant! I understand my RE wants to give us the best shot at getting pregnant but canceling a cycle all together when we have 4 good embryos- um no. If we get the call in the morning that none are blasts yet I will insist they transfer our "top two" embryos. We have sacrificed financially, emotionally- been away from kiddos 11 days- I will not walk away with nothing...it's just not an option for me :)

Okay now thinking positive- I am hoping we will have those precious 4 (the perfect number that I wanted and prayed for) and we will transfer 2 and freeze 2 in case we need them in the future.

SO I am asking everyone to please please pray our embie babies are growing and make it to that perfect blastocyst stage by tomorrow morning!

One a good note- we will be transferring on our 3 year anniversary! How romantic right?

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