Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just call me the Easter Bunny

First of all let me just say- God is Good- He is so good to us- all the time- even when we are at the lowest of lows or highest of highs He is there listening to our prayers and giving us what we need!

We've been in Vegas since Sunday but it feels like forever. We have been so busy! My mom and I have taken in lots of sights, shops, scenery & places! Vegas is an amazing place! The Venetian was breathtaking, Ceasars Palace amazing, Was Musuems tons of fun, The Mirage awesome, Planet Hollywood very cool (see pic of mom and I at PH), we got to meet Chumlee today at Pawn Stars & all the scenery & sights have been awesomely amazingly cool! We are having a great time and I am so glad my mom is here with me until Hubby and the in laws get here Thursday.

My first Dr. appointment with Dr. Sher was Monday morning. Mom and I got lost on the way to the Dr. office and we were twenty minutes late but it somewhat took the edge off the worry about the results. My ultrasound went great (see pic of the wonderful vaginal ultrasound device- not my first & I'm sure it won't be my last- but just had to share). I had 14 Follicles on the right and 13 on the left. Let me just stop here and review these numbers. Okay as I have said before, I am doing the MICRO IVF, not full blown IVF, so that means my dosage for stimulation meds were half what they normally give an IVF patient. Most IVF patients are told to expect a low number of Follices and eggs because of the low stim protocol. I was expecting to hear I had 5- 10 Follices NOT 27! WOW! Dr. Sher said he was amazed with my progress and told my mom she should be very proud of her fertile daughter!

I was on cloud 9 when we left the office. I understand the road is still long, we still have to do retrieval, pray for the eggs & sperm to fertilize beautiful embryos, do the egg transfer, then wait to see if the embryos "took" or not. Just the fact that we will have so many good eggs to choose from I know for sure we will have those two perfect "embies" to put in and that makes me happy! It evens the playing field and give me a peace a mind about everything.

I went back today and all the Follices had grown to the perfect size for my trigger shot tonight! I had to do all 3 of my normal stim shots this morning- that was rough- at one point then needle actually bounced off my skin when mom tried to stick me! I am so sore! But we did it! I am so looking forward to a few days off from the shots! The trigger shot will make the Follices release eggs in time for the egg retrieval- we do that shot at 11:30 tonight on the DOT! My lining looks good and everything was as Dr. Sher said "perfecto". He thinks we will get 24 good eggs. Egg Retrieval will be Thursday at 11 am and Hubby's flight lands at 8:55 so we will be going straight from the airport to the dr. office for him to give his SUPER SPERM deposit to fertilize those eggs! How romantic right?
The highlight of Dr. visit was Dr. Sher calling me the "Easter Bunny" because I have made so many eggs as a Micro IVF patient.

The reality is sinking in that I might very well be pregnant with twins this time next month. Even though most people would be scared to death. Honestly I will feel so very blessed that God has allowed me to have not just ONE but TWO babies with the man that I love so much! I spent so many years in misery that now I cherish every moment I have with my hubby, the kiddos and hopefully our soon to be baby(s).

I am so thankful God has let me maintain my FERTILE MERTILE title after all these years and at 31 I am still healthy as ever "down there". I know He is 100% in control of this journey and He has heard my prayers, my family's prayers, my friends prayers, my church family's prayers and I am sure the prayers of people who just know us and what we are going through. I am so humbled by the outpouring of support, prayers and love by everyone! It has been amazing!

Keep up the awesome prayers all my prayer warrior friends & family! THEY ARE WORKING! God is amazing and He is allowing us to have this miracle!

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