Monday, November 8, 2010

Las Vegas...Baby!

Yesterday was very eventful and emotional. I cried on the way to the airport and when I said goodbye to the kids & Hubby. I will miss them so much! Hubby will be here Thursday but the kids I won't see for 10 days and that really hurts my heart. But I know in the end all the sacrifice will be worth it. I wrote the kids a note for each day I am gone and on the way to the airport mady was fervently writing me notes too! It was so sweet! Both of the kids cried...that was hard. But they are excited about the possibility of having a baby brother and sister so I know they will be fine. I am praying the time with their dad is peaceful and nourishing. Pray Pray Pray. It's in God's hands and He will take care of them! I am soooo thankful my sister will be taking them to school each day and they will shuttle to her after school and be with her until their dad gets off work. My sister is a heaven sent lifesaver in so many ways. So glad their dad was agreeable to let her help while I am gone. Thank you Lord for allowing that to all work out.

Mom and I had quite an adventure traveling from Tulsa to Las Vegas yesterday. We arrived right on time in Vegas at 1:45 but subsequently did not get to our hotel until nearly 5:00. Our little rental car- a Kia Rio- got lots of action as we drove around aimlessly trying to find our hotel. I was not on my A GAME and did not print out driving directions from the airport to our hotel, I mapped it on my phone and it took us to the wrong place. My phone went dead so I used my mom's 1990s cell phone to call the hotel- it was the wrong Station Hotel- I couldn't tell (because the lady spoke broken English lol) until after the 2nd call of wrong directions that it was Boulder Station I was calling and not Palace Station! When I finally got the right number and directions mom pulls into a "Hooker Motel" to go over the directions and I thought we were going to get shot. It was so funny when we got the next light we started laughing so hard we were crying!

BUT when we finally got settled into the hotel I was very pleased. The room is nice with a 60" inch flat screen (priorities ya know). The hotel has IT ALL! Starbucks, 5 restaurants, buffets, cafes, gambling & slots. It's a good thing I am NOT a gambler or I would be in serious T-Rouble! The beds are AMAZING nice & comfy (I was very worried about this because our bed at home ROCKS and I was afraid I would not be able to sleep in anything less than my "cloud"). I had a great nights rest. Mom and I are obviously still on Central Standard Time because we were up and at 'em by 5:00 am Vegas Time! Wow! (see pic- my home for the next 10 days!)

I am so excited, anxious, nervous about my first appointment today. They will do blood work to see where my E2 levels are and they will do an ultrasound to see how my Follices are growing. I am praying praying praying so hard that all is well and growing on time looking nice & fertile! We are shooting for Egg Retrieval on Friday then a 5 day transfer for Egg Transfer on the 17th (our 3 year anniversary). So far God has truly blessed us with good results and I trust that He will continue to do so. I am walking in faith and peace that everything will fall into place according to His will. I am truly so blessed. I have two healthy amazing children and a husband, family & friends who love & support me in all do. I am staying focused on all things good and wholesome no matter what results I get. I know I am blessed. THANK YOU everyone who has and will continue to pray for us. I am so humbled by the outreach of support and prayers from friends, family & just people I know from the Took. You all are amazing thank you for sharing your own stories it means so much to me- there are not words!

I am truly excited to meet Dr. Sher today. He is a genius and pioneer in the IVF field and to be his patient is an absolute privilege! I know his hands and work are blessed from God and He is a believer. That gives me understanding beyond measure throughout this entire process. I know I am in the best hands and care.

On a fun note- mom and I are headed out on the town after my appointment. Going to Pawn Stars to try to get an autograph for all the kids back home! Then off to the strip to take in the excitement and sights!

One last thing...I GAVE MYSELF MY SHOT THIS MORNING! Yes it was little one but hey that's making huge strides for me! My mom did a great job last night with my other two shots! I am so glad she is here with me!

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